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Sunday, December 1, 2013

My new look!!

Here it is!!!

On my trip home, my best friend who is also a really amazing hairdresser gave me a little makeover! 

Here is my BEFORE & AFTER!!!


The next day my best friend and I went to get BFF TATTOOS!!!! 
It says 19-96 for the year we met and instantly became inseparable and the anchor for "we will never drift apart".. our friendship has gone threw many ups and downs, crazy adventures, she is married with an adorable 3 year old and they have been trying for a second but have had troubles.. I'm starting to think it might be "secondary infertility", really hoping it's not though!.. but no matter what life throws our way we will stick together threw thick and thin and support each other the best way we can.. despite the provinces that separate us since I moved out to Alberta. 

Hahaha.. it hurt so bad, it felt like someone was 
slashing my leg with a knife none stop.. ugh..

It didn't even hurt her! She smiled threw it... trooper!


A couple days later I ordered online from Clearly Contacts  a new pair of glasses (finally!!) because mine were over 3 years old and really really scratched. I honestly do not know why I waited so long... I guess because I thought buying glasses online was a weird thing since you don't get to try them on first and I did not buy a pair from the optometrist because they are always so expensive and my work benefits don't cover glasses only my husbands do and I didn't feel like bothering with the insurance over them... Although I still do eventually plan on getting a pair from the eye care place and charge his insurance hihi.. that way I can switch up my look.. Anyways.. I decided to get them online after all because my husbands brother just got a new pair of "nerd" glasses and I loved them on him and so he told me how cheap he bought them for and showed me the website... it's pretty awesome.. you get to take a picture of yourself and then you get to see what all the glasses would look like on you... They ask you to enter the dimensions between your eyes and the width of your face in order to help you choose the right fit! I have to admit the process was actually really fun.. PLUS the shipping is 2 business days so they got to me in no time.. PLUS they fit me like a glove and I absolutely love them and find they complete my new makeover look.. I feel really good about it all! 

Here they are!!!    

The Infertile Mrs.White