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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rude People

It's official!! The article written about my gofundme page was up and running today. Too bad we don't get that newspaper out here.. would have loved a hard copy! (Edmonton is 2 hours away so we don't get that paper here).

If you want to go read it online here is the link:       (It's on page 5.. this link brings you to the print edition view)

Then this idiot decides to comment this on the Metro Newspaper Webpage under my article... Like WOW much.. that really hurts!!! Who does this guy think he is!!! I was already really anxious to have my face printed big smack on the 5th page of the paper with the title about Infertility & IVF, really didn't need his ignorant message attached to my post.. Guess his mother never told him "if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all!". 

So me being me... started to panic, I re-read the article over and over again feeling all ashamed and like maybe it did come off as I was "begging" for money witch was really not my intention!!! This article was supposed to reflect lengths women have to go threw when dealing with infertility and how it should be covered by Alberta Health Care. Soo... I went on facebook and ranted about this guy's rude comment!

The following are responses I received from friends and instantly felt better and remembered why I agreed to be part of the article in the first place...

There we have it... I'm in the Edmonton Metro Newspaper coming out tomorrow! Crazy shit haha.. :) Although now I feel kinda shy.. Wonder if my Fertility Dr will see this haha.. Awkaward!!! 
--(I posted the link to the online article as an attachment to my message)

So deserving... you guys rock :) Only good things can come from this one.

---(Then the idiot wrote that comment on the article and so I commented the following on the same facebook thread)

Some people are just mean.. This guy knows nothing about our journey or our past maybe my mother died, maybe I had cancer, maybe I lost a child, maybe we have no money because we got hurt in an accident or my house burnt down. Maybe we don't want to wait years to save. Grrr stupid comments hurt and stole my thunder. Yes of course donate to good causes better then mine but the article was supposed to reflect struggles women dealing with infertility had to go threw and what length. Asking for money is a hard thing to do and still we feel awkward about it but it always comes down to how bad do we want this and the answer always trumps how people might perceive us. This guy managed to make me feel really small. Infertility is something hard to talk about and it hurts daily. This guy knows nothing and assumed. Bag of shit. now I feel stupid having my pic in the paper I had no idea what the article was going to be like.. the reporter made it seem like I had a small part in a big article about many women... Nope it's all me and cought me off guard. If anyone wants to rebuttal this guy please feel free!!!! 
---(Then I posted the guys comment) 

Have to expect all kinds of comments. The article is focused on the change that goverment should make. You weren't asking public for money. 

Marie Pierre: 
Only closed minded people focus on money when the article has nothing to do with it. Shows how much they grasp when they read. 

Are you fu**ing kidding me! Sorry about the swearing but of course it's a MAN commenting. He's probably a poor single man with no children and have no concept of reality. BOB, if you have nothing better to say, shut your fu**ing mouth. I once saw a documentary about how goverment and big compagnies take around 80%-90% of the money sent for kinds in third world countries.. Yes it's a good cause but where is your money really going. Maybe to them this is their last chance, their last hope. So instead of making someone you know nothing about feel real small, take a look in the mirror and into your soul and figure out what the f*ck went wrong with you in life for being an asshole and a bully. 

Thanks guys, ur comments made me feel better :) Feel free to write it on the metro page lol ;)

Marie Pierre: 
I did... but I think I messed up because it posted it 3 times haha.

Then a little later I got a personal message in my facebook inbox and it warmed my heart. We really don't realize who is silently rooting for us and this message really made my heart feel full again. It reminded me that when I feel really alone in this battle and journey that I have many silent people rooting for us and to keep reminding myself of this,... I'm not alone anymore :) 

Thought about you all day today after reading the article in the paper you posted last night. 
Was insanely angry when I read the post today on the jerks comment. Tried to comment on his post but was unsuccessful on my iPhone. 
Keep your chin up. You are in many peoples thoughts and prayers on these journey.
Oh and on a side note, I love following your blog and new card creations. You have a great gift.
Take care <3

The Infertile Mrs.White