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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I hate wanting to walk down a different aisle in a store when I see a glowing pregnant woman, I hate that my heart aches every time I see a mom in her late 20's with her 3 kids and 1 on the way.. because that's what I always wanted . I used to always be the good friend, a person all my friends could rely on and the 'go to' person. I always had useful advice, tips, suggestions.. I was always able to spark up a good discussion about why they should or shouldn't do something and helping them find the pro's and con's so that they could come up with their own answer/solution to their problem. Now I feel like a useless friend. I've been hiding out in my own little world for months now. Most of my close friends have babies.. children and working on their 2nd. When I was more hopeful about my infertility and a little naive too I guess.. (used to always tell myself it will happen next month.. next month..) I seemed to be able to go threw life so much easier. I used to try and keep more in touch with those friends and always want updates about their life as mom's, always wanted to know what their kids were up to and what funny things the kids were up to and I really did love hearing all the stories, looking at all the 10000 pictures people take of their families and be a good friend and be part of their joy and happiness as new mothers.. Lately (past couple months) it's like I want no part in it.. I ALWAYS think about them and wonder what their up to and I see their pictures and funny videos on facebook but it always tugs at my heart.. I no longer see it as awww cute so happy for my friends.. I see it as 'I'm a failure' because I should be living that life too... The only thing that goes threw my head is 'why not me.. why put me threw this'. I used to be so hopeful and now I seem to be stuck. I know 1 failed IUI is not the end of the world.. don't get me wrong.. but in my world it is a big deal. I have to go threw alot just to be able to go threw a iui cycle. The clinic is so far from my house that it makes it all so much more complicated. It's not 'just' a iui cycle.. it's a cycle that turns my life upside down for a month and a half to only see a negative sign at the end. If it was less than an hour away from my house I think I would feel different about it all.. but for my situation now, it is a big deal.

The Infertile Mrs.White

Friday, May 24, 2013

And the pregnancy announcement season begins! Joy.

I've had a crappy week.. Seems like pregnancy announcements are in the air.. I don't think i'm in the right frame of mind to handle anything baby related for another week. I thought I was doing better, I thought I was getting stronger again and able to face the world of fertile people... but I was wrong.. very wrong. I'm an emotional wreck and have been keeping to myself.. Every time my phone rings or makes a noise saying I received a text I pray it's not another pregnancy announcement. I hate that I feel this way.. I hate that I can't be happy for my childhood best friend who lives couple provinces away.. who just announced to me the other day that she's pregnant. I received this news not even a week after my failed IUI.. (granted she had no idea of my situation.. and I do not blame her in any way, I'm speaking in terms of everyone is happy, fertile and want to spread their joy while all I wanted for the 2 weeks fallowing my failed iui was peace and no reminders, no baby talk.. nothing.. just wanted to be left alone.) She announced her pregnancy over text message and for some reason I really wish we hadn't had that conversation. I wish I would have just left it at Congratulations.. only because I really don't like when people throw ideas and suggestions out there to try and make me feel better when really all it does is make me feel 100 times worst because I don't need suggestions at this point, I don't need sympathy I just need to be understood and acknowledged if that makes any sense. Don't get me wrong, I do want suggestions and helpful tips on how to cope with infertility but I do NOT want or appreciate people throwing around ideas that are so not appropriate and like I haven't thought of everything before they mention it.. ex: Why don't you adopt? (Like it's that simple! the cure to being infertile) Makes my blood boil. I can't stand naive comments.. I used to.. but now that I'm deep in this infertility and have made alot of research and realized more then ever what it would mean to me to have my own child I can't stand those comments. I always wonder if they put themselves in my shoes for a second before they threw those comments out.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What now..?

I needed time to process this failed cycle before calling my Dr's office. 
I think I'm ready to call them tomorrow and see how soon they can get me in.
Sorry for my bitter, long and ranting prior posts. 
I had alot on my mind and heart. I had the past 2 days to wrap my head around the whole "what's next'' question. Husband and I have alot of serious talk to do.. I desperately want to try IVF next and say fuck to trying IUI again. I wanna go big or go home. Only problem is the $. We have to sit down and crunch some numbers down and see who can help us out and what it all would involve. Really thankful and happy we both have really good insurances :) Fiouf it will def help out.

I know I have to keep positive, see things on a better note. I've learnt alot threw the IUI process about myself and I need to keep my head in the game. This is not the end, it's only the beginning and I knew that from the start of it all.. It just always stings the first couple days. 

Now for the next couple days I plan on throwing myself in the IVF information overload train. I want to get as much facts, numbers, what to expect, pro's, con's and advise as I can get. I also need to find funds and see if it's even achievable for us right now. We wouldn't do it for a couple months though. I want my body to stop hurting for a while.. Tired of side effects. 

....When & How...

The Infertile Mrs.White

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mad, sad, angry... Broken :(

Yesterday I cried my way to work, cried at work and cried my whole way home. Then cried some more at home in my husbands arms. I guess all my bottled up emotions from the failed past 2 years of trying caught up to me. This failed cycle broke me. I'm so sick of trying and failing one month after another.. I gave this shot all I had and now I'm left very empty, sad and wasted ALOT of money, time, 'sick days' at work, put my body threw injections and lived all sorts of emotions threw out the process.. all for NOTHING! I'm soo bitter right now. It's sad to say but I'm almost used to the disappointment . Failing 5 cycles of clomid was doable because I always had something else to look forward to trying (IUI & IVF). Don't get me wrong, every time I didn't see those two lines on my pregnancy tests then AF showed up it hurt like hell and I was sad.. BUT.. I kept telling myself..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Symptoms... Two weeks wait

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced during my 2 weeks wait. (2WW)

3DP-IUI .. Peeing alot today, more then usual
4DP-IUI .. Dizzy, out of it on/off all day. Headache
5DP-IUI .. Extremely dizzy around 4:30pm, thought I was going to pass out. Lasted at least 3 hours. Very not usual for me. I wasn't able to snap out of it. Headache
6DP-IUI .. Really gassy all day
7DP-IUI .. Feeling off all day, really emotional. Headache
8DP-IUI .. Very emotional again today.
10DP-IUI .. Spotted pink when I wiped after peeing around 3:30pm, then nothing. Freaked out and thought maybe it was implantation.. then quickly realized it's way past the implantation time period and then started to freak out. At 7:00pm I started to spot bright red so wore a small tampon to bed.
11DP-IUI ..Woke up and my tampon was full and bright red. My period has definitely started. Light at first, then got heavy towards the afternoon.

It's official.. IUI was a FAIL

The very angry depressed infertile Mrs.White :'-(


No baby for this girl.... Only a red river to remind her she's failed yet again. Might I add it was quite punctual as well, not even leaving me a string of hope.

I am not pregnant and that's okay.
I am not pregnant and that's okay.
I am not pregnant and that's okay.
Maybe if I repeat this enough times threw out my day I will be a little closer to accepting it.


The Pissed Off Infertile Mrs.White.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day .. aka Infertile's worst day of the year.

Happy Mothers Day to all you lady's who want to be mothers more then anything but infertility keeps knocking you down.. don't see this day as another year failed.. see it as another year stronger and another year closer to hopefully becoming a mom you know you've always been inside. I'm in your shoes, I feel for you. This holiday is a dreadful one since we keep getting pushed aside.. One day.. that's all I can say.. To all my friends, loved ones and new moms.. you all deserve a day of pampering because it's definitely the hardest job out there. I might be a bitter, jealous, envious, cranky infertile this time of year but I know how hard you all work at motherhood and I say ''keep up the good job!'' because your child notices, your husband/boyfriends notice and everyone around notice. Mothers are the glue that holds a family together. I might not be a mom right now, but I've always been one at heart.


The Infertile Mrs.White

Friday, May 10, 2013

False +'s

Tracking my false positives.... 

This picture was taken on May 6th

This picture was taken today.. May 10th. bad lighting sorry..

A close up of the false positives.. I wanted to track when the fasle+ would wear off..

Monday, May 6, 2013

In my two weeks wait period..

I'm in my two weeks wait period... 
So incredibly happy and grateful to finally be at this point in our journey. 
I have to admit though, this two weeks wait period is eating me alive!
It consumes my dreams, I day dream about how I would feel seeing those two lines show up.. 
Those two lines I've yet to ever experience. 
I keep busy with work, doing crafts, watching Netflix, playing with my dog and so on,
 but it's still always in the back of my mind naturally :) 
Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Today I'm 3DP-IUI

I have blood work to do at 7DP-IUI (May10)
Then again on 16DP-IUI (May19) if AF hasn't shown up yet.
My 2ww (14DP-IUI) is on May17 (my bestie's bday!)


The Infertile Mrs.White

Friday, May 3, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Chart.. Schedule..

The Game Plan detailed...

14th, CD1
15th, CD2
16th, CD3 D1 Gonal-F75 bw + Baseline u/s with Dr. C.
17th, CD4 D2 Gonal-F75
18th, CD5 D3 Gonal-F75
19th, CD6 D4 Gonal-F75 Got a nice little bruise from the injection
20th, CD7 D5 Gonal-F75 (2 pens = 62.5 + 12.5) headache all day
21st, CD8 D6 Gonal-F75 bw + u/s with Dr. M. 4 follicles between 5-7.5mm. Pain is starting to happen. I can really feel my ovaries swelling. I can't sit down for too long before pain occurs. It feels like the weight of my body is pressing down on my ovaries when I sit up straight and it really hurts. Got a new small bruise from injection on the lower right side of stomach.
22nd, CD9 D7 Gonal-F75 Pain when I sit, really feel ovaries in my body. Really strong pain threw out the day. Headache lasted all day.
23rd, CD10 D8 Gonal-F75 Really strong burning sensation in ovaries ALL day. Strongest pain around 5pm had to take Tylenol for it. Pain regardless if sitting, laying down or standing. Bad headache all day, never went away. New small bruise on lower right side of stomach near other bruise. (from injection)
24th, CD11 D9 Gonal-F100 (2 pens = 75 + 25) bw + u/s with Dr. T. 8-9mm. Headache all day
25th, CD12 D10 Gonal-F100 Real busy day at work, only felt pain at night once I got home.
26th, CD13 D11 Gonal-F100 Very uncomfterble when sitting in the up right position. Always seem to need to lean back to lessen the pain. (own body weight weighing down on ovaries??). Constant pain threw out the day. Ovaries are warm to the touch.
27th, CD14 D12Gonal-F100 (2 pens = 25 out of 300 pen + 75iu shot) OMG that shot stung and hurt like crazy never again taking the "shot" sticking to the "pen". We thought it was our last day on injections so we didn't want to pay for a pen, the shot was cheaper.. ugh! bw +u/s with Dr. C. 1 follicle right side is 13, 1 follicle left side is 14ish. Couple smaller ones. Lining is coming along at 8. (Dr says my follicles aren’t exactly leaping along.. thx doc geez!)
28th, CD15 D13Gonal-F100 Nausea around 6pm at home. All of a sudden I got really light headed and dizzy and felt like I was going to throw up right there and then. Feeling stayed for a good 10 minutes. Felt really off for the rest of the day. (light headed part)
29th, CD16 D14Gonal-F100 (new 300 pen) bw + u/s with Dr. M. 1 follicle right side is 15, 1 follicle left side is 14+. Dr says lining looks great, exactly where we want it to be. (Dr said the nausea from yesterday is normal side effect from the injections. Says it’s a good sign.. also she asked if I had sore breast I said no. She said once I use ovidrel I most likely will and that that would be normal). Very tired all day. Feel very out of it, like in a daze. Ovaries burn threw out the day on and off but mostly around 8:30pm till I fell asleep. (probably side effect of taking the injection at 6:45pm??) Really strong burning sensation and no way to re-leave the pain.. just had to fight threw it.. (keep telling myself this part is almost over!! Altho apparently the Ovidrel shot is not pleasant at all.. so very nervous about that...
30th, CD17 D15 Gonal-F100 (last day YAY!) Still the same pain in ovaries. They are very warm to the touch. Headache all day. Took a tylenol for both pain and headache. (only med the pharmacist said I can use). It did help a little for both :) I still don't feel myself today, out of it and tired.
May 1st, CD18  D16 (injections) OVIDREL 10pm!!!! TRIGGER TIME!!!!! Injection was painless suprisingly :P . I felt nothing for the first 40 minutes, then suddenly I felt really off. Ovaries started to burn really bad and I felt really strong pressure on my ovaries. Hubby looked stuff up and said ovidrel moves your egg towards the tube and that it moves around all the other cysts in the ovaries and disturbes them by moving them around a little. That makes sense for what I was feeling. Kinda like my ovaries woke up and started having a party haha!
2nd, CD19 NO injections. Excited, nervous and can't wait for tomorrow!!!!
3rd, CD20 IUI  9:30AM.

1DP Ovidrel OPK & BFP! (haha faaalse positive that is!)

Today I'm 1 day post Trigger Shot (Ovidrel). 
I was curious to see what my test strips would look like haha..
Good old false positive. Hope to see those two lines again in two weeks or less!

The Infertile Mrs. White

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's TRIGGER TIME!!! (Ovidrel)

It's finally here ---> TRIGGER TIME!!!!

My dear husband had the pleasure to poke me ''hopefully'' for the last time!! I was so worried this shot would sting and I wasn't too sure what to expect. Turns out the shot was less painful then the 75iu GonalF shot!! I barely felt the needle and the whole thing was quick and easy. No stinging! :) 

I juuust googled Ovidrel side effects to know a bit what to expect and to know if I feel these it's normal and I guess a sign that something is workings?!. 

Side effects were: 
- Vomiting 
- Breast tenderness 
- Nausea
- Stomach pains
- Possible case of OHSS (yikes)

It's now been 40 minutes since the shot and I definitely already feel something weird going on. I feel pain on my ovaries.. like a burning sensation.  My right ovary was the first side to hurt. I was fine didn't feel a thing then all of a sudden BANG.. there's the pain! They feel irritated, they sting and I'm starting to get nervous.. Soooo I'm going to go to bed now and TRY to sleep the anxiety away. I hope tomorrow I don't feel nauseous and vomit because I'm with clients in their homes from 10am till 6pm. Breast tenderness I can handle and cramping as well. Not too sure about nausea since I'm in people's homes and there's always weird smells.. keeping fingers crossed that side effect wise goes well and that my eggs are making their way towards my tubes and getting ready for a great great adventure!! 

I'm really trying to THINK POSITIVE!! So I am going to go to sleep now and have some sweet baby dreams. :-) I haven't let myself have any baby dreams of any sorts in months. I didn't want to put more pressure on me and end up with a bigger disappointment  But... now that we are finally this close to the IUI.. (36 hours away!!!) I'm letting myself get excited and happy and have some hope and dream a little.. cause you never know.. this might just finally be my chance/turn!




The Infertile Mrs White

What's on my mind..

What's really on my mind.. 

Is really Wondering how big my follicles are today since tonight at 10pm I'm finally doing TRIGGER SHOT!!! Hope my lining is ready to great my egg and hope my egg will be strong and that one or two ;) lucky sperms will be winners!!

Fingers crossed and praying :)

The Infertile Mrs White