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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

you do what it takes..


Giving myself a shot in the bathroom stalls at the movie theater while at work.. (Not to mention I have a phobia of needles and refuse to look while I inject myself.. once again.. it's all about the 'swift and confident motion'). I made sure my clients were seated and snuck out of the theater when the washrooms were empty right before the movie started and gave myself a shot... tried to make it as sanitary as possible.. it was quick and easy though.. Just thought id document this picture for memories... What this whole process takes.. the good, the bad and the dedications...


The Infertile Mrs White

Monday, April 29, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 14 Gonal-F 100) CD16 ..IN PICTURES ;) ..

A story or event is always better in pictures! 
(I find) So here goes my day! :-)

Our morning started off bright and early! I woke up and showered at 4am.. by 4:45am we were at the gas station topping off my tank and then headed to Tim Hortons for a fresh hot cup of coffee and a flat bread egg white breakfast sandwich! hihi.

This was the weather outside.. Dark, really foggy and chili.

This was the view as we were getting on the highway..

The sun was starting to rise and gave the foggy sky a neat color.

This is me! Tired of sitting in the car for 2 hours to get to the clinic where we have to wait another hour and a half.. But still very much happy to be in this process all together ;)

Sun is still rising.. although it almost looks like a sunset!

This picture was taking about 15 minutes into Edmonton. A nice mix or rain and slush!

Rain Slush combo quickly turned into Snow Slush combo.

Kinda cool effect eh.. the snow coming at us.. It started to really come down at this point.
Seriously though.. snow at the end of April, that's just crazy!

Check out the size of the snow flakes!

And there we are!!! Our 4th fallowup u/s and bw day! At this point we were REALLY hoping for good news, wishing that my follicles finally grew to size and to hear the magic word: ''Trigger Time Tonight!'' ....
 Buuuut.. that was not the case today! :-( We went and got the bw like usual then we were sent into this room to wait for the Dr so we snuck in a picture ;). My doctor today was Dr.M, an older woman who walked in the room and greeted us with a great big smile and spoke to us in a comforting voice. She was really motivating, encouraging and smiled alot but not in an annoying way.. more like she loves her job and was happy to be there so it instantly made us feel positive and less nervous. She did really good at reassuring me.

The verdict.....
Dr says my lining looks great, exactly where we want it to be. It was so comforting to hear that because the 3 other times we went in for the u/s no one mentioned anything about my lining. Dr.C only quickly mentioned the size of it to me last time but it was more of him talking to himself as he was looking at the screen and wasn't exactly talking to me.. his patient like he should have.. Anyways.. back to the verdict.. turns out my follicles had grew very little since our last visite (2 days ago). Dr said to keep taking GonalF100 for 2 more days.. so that means tonight and tomorrow night (Monday-Tuesday) and then to do the Trigger Shot on Wednesday May 1st between 10-midnight. I was glad to hear that we didn't have to go back in for another u/s before trigger shot. Although this means I really have no idea if they did grow in 2 days.. especially since they had barely grew in the past 2 days. So now we really hope and pray that they work magic and grow grow grow before Wednesday!!

My husband asked the Dr if the nausea I experienced  yesterday evening was a normal side effect from the injections. Dr actually said it was a good sign, that it meant my hormones were kicking in and doing their job.. (i forget what she said so that's in my words..) Dr also asked me if I had sore breast yet, I said no. She said once I use the Ovidrel injection I most likely will and that that would be normal as well. I was really impressed with my Dr, she was so nice and really tried to interact with us and make us feel comfortable, asking questions and encouraging us to ask them as well.

Above is a random picture of where I get to see my lucky follicles progess ;) hihi.

And this is a special picture bahaha! I'm crazy like that :P I had bled from the blood work and this was me checking under the gauze to make sure the bleeding had stooped and I had a nice.. what seems like permanent hole in my arm from them always drawing the blood from the same spot! Hubby happened to take a picture as I was turning to look at him saying ''Ewww'' Hahahaha!

Right after the appointment we headed to the pharmacy in Edmonton to pick up another 300 'pen' since I had another 2 days of injections to take at 100iu. Kinda sucks because I hadn't mentally prepared for more days of injecting myself.. I was really hoping I would get to trigger tonight. Ah well... The picture below was us sitting in the parking lot near the pharmacy debating what to do next.. Yup, it was still snowing.. We ended up doing a bit of shopping in Home Sense, had a coffee at Starbucks and then decided to drive home.. 

This was the weather leaving Edmonton direction for home..

Looks pretty crazy eh!

Hubby and I love rain storms.. (snow storms not so much).. but it barely rained on the way home.. just threatening clouds.. :) They were so low it gave the horizon such a cool effect. It made it for a relaxing drive home.. despite the REALLY strong winds! Hubby was driving so I got to relax and enjoy the ride.. hihi.

I felt very tired all day, very out of it, like in a daze. My ovaries burn threw out the day on and off but mostly around 8:30pm till I fell asleep. (probably side effect of taking the injection at 6:45pm??) Really strong burning sensation and no way to re-leave the pain.. just had to fight threw it.. (keep telling myself this part is almost over!! Altho apparently the Ovidrel shot is not pleasant at all.. so very nervous about that as well...

The Infertile Mrs.White.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeling off lately..

LOTS of pain in ovaries, they feel on fire all day.
I was exhausted  last night feel asleep on the couch for a nap at 6pm and woke up all disoriented at 11pm only to end up going right to bed. Woke up couple times in the morning to take my dog out and managed to sleep in till 11:30ish. I really needed it, mix of work, driving hours to appointments that are already ridiculously early then rushing to work to make sure i still get paid and don't miss too many hours.. all this process is really starting to take its tole on me.

LOTS of pain threw out the day on ovaries. Sitting, standing, walking it feels all the same. I can just always feel them burning and very present. I keep telling myself that's them growing and that sleeping alot helped the process?!?! heh.. hoping so anyways.. so ya telling myself i need them to grow and if i feel pain then that must be them growing so keeping fingers crossed and we shall see tomorrow morning!!! Another 4am morning for me except ill be taking the whole day off work so I'll have alot less stress :) . Really feeling off lately, not feeling myself and I feel so out of it all the time.. so taking the day off work tomorrow was ideal and I'll get to focus on the here and now and just one less thing to stress about. (the rushing everything to make sure I make it back in town in time for clients).

The Infertile Mrs.White

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 12 Gonal-F 100) CD14

Today is day 12 of injections.

I drove up to Edmonton on my own today, hubby is back to work now (from his 2 week vacation) and we're trying to keep his ''sick'' days for the IUI day and for more urgent moments. I ventured up with coffee in hand. The roads were good, I cranked up some good tunes to stay awake and cruised along. The two pictures below was the sunrise! Kinda crappy pics as I was driving and my windshield had streaks on it...

Since it was a Saturday morning, the blood lab in the clinic is closed on weekends so we have to go get our blood work done in the blood lab from the hospital (just a couple buildings away walking distance). The lab is supposed to only open around 9am but somehow when I got there at 8:48am there were already 4 lady's waiting in the waiting area and one lady who had just finished. Needless to say they were all heading to the clinic afterwards and before me.. I ended up being number 9 in line at the clinic. For some reason tho the wait today didn't seem so long. My usual Dr.C was the one doing the u/s this morning so I was looking forward to what he had to say since he hadn't seen me since my baseline u/s.

Today was my 3rd blood work and fallowup ultrasound! I was hoping for good news at this point!!

Turns out I have 1 follicle on the right side that measures 13 and 1 follicle on the left that measures 14ish and a couple smaller ones in each ovary. Dr said my lining is coming along at 8??. He wasn't so much saying the information out loud directed at me, he was talking to himself out loud as he was looking up on the screen. I have no idea what measurements your lining is supposed to be and I guess I hadn't realized till now that they even measured my lining. It all makes sense now but I don't understand what numbers are good and what would be bad. I know they want your lining to thicken up, I just am really curious now as to what would be considered a ''good'' or ''ideal'' lining. I'm usually so on top of everything and google when I'm not sure and so on but for some reason for this cycle and iui adventure I'm going in it kinda blindly. I'm the type of person who always over thinks things and over analyses every little details wondering what I could have done better, what I should and shouldn't do and I obsess over all the symptoms I should be feeling, that I am feeling then I most likely start to imagine symptoms. It's all so exhausting. I usually get my husband to look up statistics for everything. This time around I told myself I can't compare myself to anyone else since we all have different health issues, different hormone levels and taking different doses of injections and all our bodies respond differently to treatments and such. For my own peace of mind I decided to take it day by day and not allow myself to stress about all the small details. I did not google what the ''ideal'' size for your follicles to be and so on. My husband did google it for me though tonight since I came home a little disappointed from my appointment and it made him real curious to know if we were on track or not. Apparently the ideal follicle size is 18 then the Dr's usually feel confident releasing it since at that size they are stronger.. But then again who knows and I feel SO far from being a solid 18!!

Dr.C advised me to come back in for bw and u/s in 2 days (April 29th). He did not up my dose witch I was really hoping he would so we could get the ball rolling and those follicles growing faster.. altho too fast can cause troubles yet too slow sucks and makes me so worried they will cancel my cycle :( What the Dr told me still rings in my head :( He was like ''Well their not exactly leaping along now.." Something along those lines. I was like ohhh no!! As in then do something about it!! but he didn't, just said to come back in 2 days.. My Dr has a very cut and dry humour. He is a very good Dr and overall a nice guy.. but sometimes having a dry cut humour is not what a woman lying half naked and exposed on a table wants to hear. I felt so discouraged because that's more driving for us and really how much can my follicles grow in 2 days... def not an 18!! :( So I had a feeling we would be driving up alot more then I had originally planned.

430.4.. that's ONE trip there and back!!!

This was the weather on my way back to town. EXTREMLY WINDY! My eyes were glued on the road and both hands were death gripping the steering wheel no joke. The ride itself was pleasant because the sky was nice but the wind man oh man that was insane I could feel it wrap my car and push it.. I made it to work okay tho :) and on time with 15 minutes to spare and eat a quick lunch in my car before arriving at clients place.

I knew going into this that it wasn't going to be easy and a walk in the park but I thought things would go a bit smoother and quicker. Hubby googled late tonight that the average lenght for injections is around 14 days so around 2 weeks then the IUI is performed 36 hours later. So far I'm on day 12 of injections and no where near a 18!! Starting to get nervous now. Bahhh!!

My body is starting to feel the effects of the injections.. Below is a picture of my abdomen on the left side. This bruise was about 8-9 days old when I took the pic.. imagine what it looked like before!

Then I got 2 smaller bruises on the right side of my abdomen. These are about 5-6 days old here. They look alot better then they did.

My right arm where they keep taking my blood work from has seen better days too.. it's nice and bruised yet they keep poking at the same spot everytime.

The infertile Mrs White.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A swift and confident motion.

Today is day 9 of injections. Up to date it has been my husband who has injected me. They told us to inject between 6-8pm. We decided to stick with 6-6:30- 7 latest. Since today I had to work till 7pm and only get home around 730 pm I had to inject myself. This is coming from a girl who refuses to look in the nurses direction when they take my blood and turn my head at the sight of a needle head. I decided I had to suck it up and since I'm in this, all in this I took it on as a challenge. I know it's something so small and simple for some, but for me, this is huge! I absolutely hate borderline phobia of needles and here I am. I gotta admit tho, these ''pens'' are AWESOME! So simple and efficient to use. I took this on as a challenge because I wanted to be able to say that I did it myself at least once. I played the motion in my head for an hour leading up to 6pm haha. I was at my clients house so I had to sneak my little tool bag with me to the washroom.. get everything ready and disinfected and what the pharmacist told me the first time she showed us how the pen worked stuck in my head.. she said: ''.. with a swift and confident motion..." and went on demonstrating what to do on a hockey rubber puck held against her stomach lol.. She kept explaining that you have to be confidant going into it or else it will hurt more because you will end up going threw the skin slowly and just turns out messy. So there I was in my clients bathroom with this ''pen'' in my hand repeating over and over to myself ''swift and confidant Nadine.. you can do it!'' HAHA. A few times I brought it up to my stomach and froze.. then tried again a couple times then finally I said this is it! Before I know it, it was all over and I was soo proud!! haha.  

I always liked that the hubby injects me because this way we are doing ''this'' together. I might be the one feeling the pain and side effects but he's as much part of this as I am. And him having to give a girl who absolutely HATES needles an injection makes him feel very much implicated and important. A note to all lady's out there.. it is Sooo sooo important that you try and involve your partners in the whole process as much as possible so they don't just feel like sperm donors. I feel so lucky to have a partner who wants to be part of every inch of this process and who's been nothing but amazing. This would be a whole diff adventure if it wasn't for him <3


The now brave Infertile Mrs White ;)

Followup u/s & bw (Day 9 Gonal-F 100) CD11

Wednesday, April 24th

I got out of bed at 4 fregan AM to get ready.. we had to leave the house by 5 the latest to get gas and coffee witch both are only a couple blocks away. The drive is just over 2 hours although when it's this early in the morning we can usually make it in a little under 2 hours with time to spare for a washroom break once we get to the hospital. The only good part about driving up to Edmonton this early is we get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise! That always makes us happy. Pictures below was our view as the sun rose.. mind you they were taken threw my dirty car windows so don't mind the blodges on the images haha. 

Two hours later we made it! And guess what!!!.... We were the first ones there haha!! Finally LOL. We got there around 7am and apparently the elevator that brings you into the clinic doesn't ''unlock'' until 7:15am. Luckily when we were standing there trying to understand why the elevator wasn't coming a nurse from the clinic happen to be getting to work and let us up with her and explained they lock the elevators before 7:15am. Weird.. but good to know. It felt nice to be the first ones there.. we got comfortable in the waiting room and played games on our phones.. I might have snuck in a few minutes of shut eye here and there while waiting from 7-7:45 when they finally let us sign in. Anyways.. We got called in to go get my blood work by the nurse then we were brought to the area to change into the white sheet (lol) and were then directed to wait in the ultrasound room.. we ended up waiting around at least 10-15 minutes in there because apparently the Doctor wasn't in yet... she was running late. Hubby and I took advantage and snapped a few funny pictures that I will not be posting haha.. Below is the famous ultrasound machine I've learnt to love and hate. (hate when my follicles aren't the size their supposed to be!!). 

My usual Doctor was not doing the u/s this morning so we saw Dr.T (woman) instead. Kinda hated being her first client of the day.. you can tell she had started off her morning on the wrong foot and came to work late, never a good start to a day.

Turns out my follicles DID grow.. Last u/s they were between 5-7.5mm and today they were between 8-9! Improvement, but apparently they should have grown a little faster and bigger. So.. Dr.T upped my GonalF dose from 75 to 100. She requested I come back 3 days later. (April 27th). They gave me my blood work sheet to bring to the next apt.  

Symptoms so far is mostly headaches. I suffer from chronic migraines and headaches so this came as no surprise but this is a different kind of headache. This kind feels like constant pressure on my head, like someone is squeezing my brain not super tight but enough to feel pressure and its constant all day.  I can def feel that my ovaries are doing something.. I can really feel them inside me as weird as that sounds. I can feel them growing/stretching. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

Once the apt was over, we headed over to the pharmacy and realized they weren't open for another half hour so we decided to walk over to the Second Cup and sat there and enjoyed our second coffee of the day. At this point we were really starting to feel tired. We then walked back to the pharmacy and picked up a new GonalF 300 pen. Tonight I will have to use 2 pens.. finish up the first one that has 75iu then use 25iu from the new pen. Doesn't feel good wasting a pen since they aren't cheap so we are really using them up as best we can. 

Afterwards we made a pit stop at Starbucks for some more coffee! For some reason today really got to us, we were drained and had barely gotten any sleep the night before we had just tossed and turned all night. Coffee helped for our trip back home. Once we got home, I had to get my stuff for work prepped and made a lunch for work then took a 30 minute power nap then rushed to work for 2pm (it's a half hour drive to work). I worked with 2 different clients and got home around 7:30pm. That was a LOOONG day! I was exhausted by the end of it. Especially that I did it on barely any sleep.   

Here's to hoping 100iu of Gonal-F will make a good enough difference!! :S

The Infertile Mrs White.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 6 Gonal-F 75) CD8

Sunday April 21st

We arrived at the hospital blood lab around 8:45am. Lab apparently opens at 9am on Sunday's but for some reason there were already 3 lady's in front of us and 2 lady's walking out. Once blood work was done we walked to the fertility clinic. I don't recall what number we were since for some reason no one took numbers like they were supposed to but instead just signed up with the secretary. There was at least 8 women before me this time so we waited quite a while.

P.S. That's me in the picture, not at my best haha! I was really tired from getting up real early as well as waiting around in the waiting room for a really long time.... We were waiting around for the Dr to show up. :-)

My usual Dr. C. (men) was not in this morning so we saw Dr. M.
(woman). She was very nice and friendly. Made us comfortable off the start so that was nice. She talked us threw the u/s as she was measuring my follicles. Turns out some of my follicles (4) measured between 5.0 and 7.5 mm. That's a progress. It was so weird seeing the u/s because my ovaries are filled with cyst and to actually be able to pin point the growing follicles was pretty neat. They weren't close to being the required size for IUI witch is to be expected this early on I guess. Dr said to book another appointment in 3 days (Wednesday, April 24th) and see where they would be at then. Since the appointment is during the week, the blood lab is opened in the clinic so we were advised to be there for blood work for 7:15am!! That means i'm getting up insanely early (again)! Since it's first come first serve we would be there for 7:15 but they only start taking patients around 7:45am when the clinic actually opens. That means alot of waiting around.. good thing I have my hubby with me to keep me company. :-)

Dr advised me to keep taking the Gonal-F 75iu till my next appointment. She did not up the dose.

14th, CD1
15th, CD2
16th, CD3 D1 Gonal-F75 bw + Baseline u/s
17th, CD4 D2 Gonal-F75
18th, CD5 D3 Gonal-F75
19th, CD6 D4 Gonal-F75 Got a nice little bruise from the injection
20th, CD7 D5 Gonal-F75
21st, CD8 D6 Gonal-F75 bw + u/s. 4 follicles between 5-7.5mm. Pain is starting to happen. I can really feel my ovaries swelling. I can't sit down for too long before pain occurs. It feels like the weight of my body is pressing down on my ovaries when I sit up straight and it really hurts.

So far, I have one really big bruise.. glad that's it! (so far did 7 injections. One day I had to inject the left over from one 'pen', it tells you how much you have left to inject, so then I used the new pen and injected the rest of the amount.) These 'pens' are not cheap so it's really important to finish each pen up.

The Infertile Mrs.White

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baseline u/s and blood work

Tuesday, April 16th.

AF showed up late night on the 13th. So I count CD1 on the 14th.
Called Dr's office, booked baseline u/s for CD3 so for April 16th.

Woke up at 4am to be standing in the clinic for 7:20am. (It's a little over 2 hour drive for us).
Good thing we did because we were #6!! The picture below was the sunrise at around 5:30am on our way up to Edmonton.

Once you get there, you need to take a number and sit down. Then you have to wait till 7:45 when the secretary opens up her office, then one by one starting with #1 and so on line up to ''sign in'' and receive their stickers with their names. We need to hold on to those and hand them to the nurse when they call us up. Then you have to wait again till your name gets called up (6th). Note to self, bring a book next time, will help pass the time and calm the nerves.

Nurse then calls you in, brings you to a small room where you undress from the waste down and wrap yourself in what is literally a sheet. You wait there a while till a u/s room is available. (usually takes around 10-15 minutes). Nurse then directs you to the u/s room and you wait for Dr to come in. Then Dr asked a couple questions as he's prepping the u/s wand then you lay down and they insert it inside you. Dr was pretty good at locating my ovaries nice and quick (so awkward) He measures them, quickly explains that yes in deed, I have many small cyst in my ovaries and how he could quickly tell I had pcos / cah. Then that part was over and he prescribed the injections for me to take.

Haha, this is the hubby after our appointment was done. I couldn't resist taking this picture. I love walking down this hall!! It's like a baby hall of fame/ SUCCESS stories hihi :) Hope to post my little bundle of joy up there soon!!! (fingers crossed!!) Hubby was holding the empty carrying case the nurse gave us to keep the injections in and all that fun jazz that comes with injections. Now we are off to the pharmacy to BUY the $$ injections. So grateful we BOTH have good insurances so the injections ended up being a reasonable price for us, if it wasn't for our insurances though this would be a whole different experience! I'll add the cost in a later post.

The Ovidrel injection is what they call ''The Trigger Shot''. That's what's going to release my eggs. When doc gives me the 'GO', I inject it at a very specific time of day because the IUI would be performed precisely 36 hours later so it's all timed perfectly.

Gonal-F 75 iu to be injected in the abdomen area once daily between the hours of 6-8pm for 5 consecutive days. I was instructed to book with the nurse my fallow up apt for 5 days later. So that brings us to April 21st. (Sunday). I was instructed to go get my blood work done prior to the apt, I would have to go to the hospital lab since it's a Sunday and the clinic blood lab would be closed then rush to the clinic to try and get ahead in line.

The Infertile Mrs. White

Fallowup appointment to get our GAME PLAN!!!

Monday, April 8th.

I had my fallow up apt with the Fertility Dr. April 8th to get our game plan.

 About 20 minutes from the Hospital...

 At the clinic.. Waiting to be called. Our appointment was for 11am so we both had to cancel our full day of work since it's a 4 hour drive there and back plus the time we spend at the clinic.

This is us.. happy to finally be at this point!!! Really looking forward to hearing what our GAME PLAN will be going forward. Nervous and excited all at once. :-)

Dr. C. gave us all our blood work results along with our urine sample results and hubby's 2nd sperm test. He went over every single result and explained to us what they meant. Turns out I do not have protein C deficiency and Dr doesn't understand how my family Dr came to that conclusion, either way I was relieved to hear this. What I do have though.. is extremly high cholesterol :( I automatically panicked inside when I heard this. In the Dr's words ''Your not going to die in the next 20 minutes but ya, you should talk to your family Dr and see a nutritionist to help'' AHH!! Really really not what I expected to hear. My brain went all fuzzy and I don't remember much of what was said afterwards.. I was so focused on his saying I was going to die soon if I didn't get cholesterol under control. To be honest, off the bat I wasn't even sure in details what that meant.. usually you always associate bad cholesterol with consuming too much salt products but apparently it also has alot to do with high percentage of fat foods. To be honest I had no idea I was eating food that was that horrible. Past couple months I've been making more easy to make meals since I work such weird hours at work and I always try and bring lunches with me. I thought I was doing good since I was making all my meals and not eating out as much. I always had a salad and fruits and veggies in my lunches so it kinda came as a shock to me... till the fallowing week when I started REALLY paying attention to all the labels before buying something and before cooking items I had in my cubboards. I love pad thai where all you have to do is cook noodles, add sauce and pre-cooked chicken.. wowser I had never noticed how much sodium there was in that! Also I really like Cambells Soups, the butternut squash, I always thought I was buying the best of the soups out there with less sodium, turns out there's still too much sodium. Absolutely everything seems to have a really high percentage of sodium and somehow I never paid attention to this  before till now. To keep going.. Dr noticed there were some blood work that he never got the results from. I assured him I had given the nurse all my requisitions. So he filled me out a new requisition and advised me to go to the lab right away after our apt and get the blood work done so he could have the results as soon as possible, and so we did just that.

Anyways.. the Dr. kept going on about our results when he was done he told us we had 4 options. 1. Try clomid again with a higher dose and monitor to see if 1. I ovulate. 2. IUI on our own 3. IUI with injections. 4.IVF. Dr. quickly ruled out option 1 since we have already done 5 cycles of clomid and he figured why waste our time. He asked if I knew if I had ovulated on clomid, I advised that I checked with the opk's and it did indicate that I ovulated but never got a BFP. The fact that I possibly ovulated on clomid seemed to have reassured him. He ruled out option 2 since I do not ovulate on my own why would we waste our time. We ruled out option 4 since we don't have the funds right now and we don't feel like we tried everything yet. So that left us with option 3. Dr jumped on the IUI with injections wagon right away.

The Game Plan!!!
- Wait till AF shows up, since I was already on day 8 of my progesterone pills, we knew AF was around the corner. (usually between 12th and 14th).
- Call Dr office the minute AF shows up to book my baseline u/s between CD2 - CD3.
- Need to show up between 7:45 and 9am. It is on first come first serve basis so it was suggested we show up really early as there would be many woman in line already by 7:45.

Things are looking up!!! :D

The Infertile Mrs. White

Friday, April 19, 2013

The game plan

I've been crazy busy since my fallow up apt with Dr.C. Haven't had the time to post all the exciting things that have been going on and will be happening.. Turns out we are on full mode IUI!!!! I just had to wait for my period to show up and on day 3 started my injections!! It was my birthday yesterday and my friend flew down from Ontario on the 17th at 9:30am to spend 6 days with me. Haven't seen her in over a year so we have alot of catching up to do and so I haven't been on here to blog and report the lastest news. The next couple of days are packed filled with sight seeing and driving around for hours to go see a bunch of fun museums and attractions so I will try and post when I can and elaborate more about my journey and experience threw IUI and injectables. Here's 2 little pictures to show just how much fun we're having haha!

The hopeful infertile Mrs.White (keeping fingers crossed)

 In Banff... We took the Gondola to the top of  Mount Sulphur..