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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Getting old

My birthday is in a month from today and I shall cherish every last minute of my 27's. Feeling old ;) I'm not near where I had future planned I would be at this age / point in my life.. despite all of my hard efforts month after month... not just in infertility but in every aspect of my life. 

Things to keep working towards as I go into my 28's. 
- Get pregnant and stay pregnant (dreaming of twins but I'll be more then happy with one)   ;)
- Get "the" job I wanted and not just a "good" job. 
- Be a home owner.. Still renting as we don't know where we want to set our roots. (thinking of changing provinces again) 
- Make money / some "income" from all the crafts I make
- Start a youtube channel with all my craft tutorials and have fun doing it!
- Maybe Start a youtube channel about our infertility journey as every story is different. 
- Be a better Stampin' Up demonstrator by selling more and throw a bunch of card making parties (so fun!)
- Go threw IVF without being broke or in huge dept!
- Finish paying off my car 
- Loose 50lbs and be healthy and happy with my body
- Wear a bikini and not wanna hide under a rock! (I wish, might take a while for this one..)
- Be a better friend by being more involved despite the distance. (show in more ways how much I care)
- Go threw infertility fighting like hell and be able to smile more then I cry.

I challenge myself in the coming year to be a better person, wife and friend.
Here's to my 28's being a year to remember and not one I want to forget :) 

My 27's were eventful, moody, happy, emotional, boring, I yo-yo'ed in weight like crazy, cried way too much...
Things need to change and what more then growing another year older then to motivate a person! 

The Infertile Mrs.White