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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CD13 GonalF125 D11 - Followup u/s & bw #3

Cycle Day 13
GonalF Injections Day 11
Followup Blood Work & Ultrasound Round 3
7 Days of GonalF 100iu 
4 Days of GonalF 125iu
( Working on 4th pen )
Right ovary: 10.6, 11.3, 12.2 and a bunch of 9's
Left ovary: a bunch of 8's +
Lining: 7ish.. something around that

Here is how my day went..

This was my view on the way up to Edmonton at 5:30am. It was raining when I got into my car.. made for a soothing drive.. (I love rain/thunder storms). Hubby had to work a 16 hour shift today so I drove up on my own.

Waiting patiently in the waiting room. It's so quiet and really not busy compared to usual.

My blood work requisition sheet and my little labeled stickers.. Waiting... (blurred out for confidential info)

My 3 days old bruise prior to today's blood work.

Me! Changed into my white sheet waiting to be called into the ultrasound room..

Stern-ups. bah.

Waiting some more for Doctor to come in.. I've definitely been feeling some action going on  in my ovaries in the past couple days.. Really hopping to see some large follicles on that screen today!

Turns out today's ultrasound wasn't such a good experience. When the Dr (female) came in, she seemed nice and in a good mood (we had her last ultrasound too) except this time I was alone, didn't have hubby by my side. The Dr prepped her stuff, looked at my chart of papers it was so quiet and she was like "your on CD13 eh was it this slow going last time?" I was like "yes it was slower last time.. what's the average time line for IUI usually".. she said "usually (on average) 10-12 days but that everyone is different". Greaat, I'm no where near ready for IUI yet.. follicles are taking their sweet ass time growing and it's driving me nuts, even with a higher GonalF dosage still creeping along. She did the whole ultrasound in dead silence. She was measuring my follicles and not even telling me the size, process NOTHING! I was so uncomfortable. Good thing I learnt to understand and read the screen so I was able to figure stuff out on my own but Cmon man.. it made me so upset when I left the room. She barely interacted with me, just went in there, measured, pocked me around with the 'wand' with a disappointing look on her face and yanked it out and turned to my file and wrote stuff down all in dead silence. I was like um okay I guess she's done. I asked if I needed to up my dosage (trying to do small talk) and she looked at me insulted and was like I'll tell you if you need to up your dose and told me to go see the nurse once I'm changed to get my come back date. Walking to my car I wanted to cry, I just drove 2 hours to come to this appointment, waited around for a good hour before getting the ultrasound done to have to rush to the pharmacy to get a new pen to rush back to my town 2 hours away to go to work till 6pm. What a crappy experience. I have no idea what my lining was at, she did the whole ultrasound so fast it was hard to keep up and remember all the measurements. There's a few follicles and my lining that she measured more then once so I totally lost track of the numbers.

4th round of fallow up u/s and bw.

Bruise post today's blood work. So grateful they didn't poke me in the same bruise spot again. I don't know what they were thinking but that bruise hurt alot since the day it happened. That was totally not a good blood work drawn experience (3 days ago).

This is the mileage I drove from my house to the clinic.. I ended up driving to the pharmacy in Edmonton to pick up a new pen then driving straight to work and worked till 6pm. Made for a REALLY long day!

I am now ready for bed!
The Infertile Mrs.White