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Friday, July 19, 2013

CD8 Follow Up u/s & bw #1

Follow Up Blood Work and Ultra Sound #1
Turned out better then we thought!! 

The Verdict is: (drum roll) 

Left ovary
1 @ 11
4ish between 8 - 8.9

Right ovary:
6+ between 7.5 - 8.9

Dr.C decided to keep me on the same GonalF dose and said the progress was going well. That usually when 1 out grows the rest that's usually the one that will dominate and the others wont grow to the size needed but we shall see! My lining is at 8 (not sure where it's supposed to be but it sounded positive). Dr.C wants us to go back in 2 days so this Sunday July 21st. This is exciting news as last cycle he asked us to return 3 days later. I asked why only 2 days later and he said that the follicle can be very unstable and he wants to make sure to monitor it. Crazy happy with these results compared to last cycle!!! Feel free to look back at my older post.. April 22 2013 - Followup u/s & bw (Day 6 Gonal-F 75) CD8.  Hubby took a secret video of my ovaries on the screen haha...You can barely hear what the Dr was saying but it's fun to see them on the screen.. I'll try to see if I can print screen save a part of the video. :) 

Here is how our day started.. 
Bright and early.. UGH! 

Cloudy sunrise.. 

We got to the clinic at 7:20am (after washroom stop on the way and $8.00 parking).
Reception only opens at 7:45 so we have to take a number, sit and wait. Once receptionist opens the door one by one we pop into the little reception desk area and get our little stickers and hand our numbers in.. :P To our surprise, they called number 1 then we got called.. haha Suckers!! ;) Twice in a row now. Also thought it was a little bit funny when I walked into the receptionist area she called me by my first name... usually you say your last name and she hands you the sticker, this time she was like "Nadine" and handed me  my stickers before I could say anything.. That's when you know you've been there alot. 

Once I got called in, the nurse took my blood and then I go into this little room and put my white sheet on ;)
Feeling hopeful and good about this fallow up so this smile is real :) 
I have long hair eh ;) Never really realize just how long till I see myself in pictures.

In change room #3 people started writing cute little encouraging notes to each other. 
This really put a smile on my face and just warms the heart. It helps to calm the nerves as you change into your sheet and also if you don't get the results you wanted, when you change back into your clothes you can look at this and smile and remember someone else was right where you were probably feeling the same way and you feel like you'll be okay. I did not have a pen but I will def write something on there next time!!

Something to keep in mind. Mine is due in August.. I already have the requisition for it :) 

Blood work hurt today.. the nurse was very shaky and I felt everything. 
Please note the clock on the wall has the wrong time.

I had bled but the nurse had taken off the original gauze and placed this new one.

When we were all done, we went to the Pharmacy to pick up 1 more pen 
and the Ovidrel shot to have on hand.

The Infertile Mrs.White