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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun new projects I've been working on

I'm in the midst of creating a 2 weeks wait mini album made out of envelopes. 
I just found these two super cute charms at Michael's. I think they add the perfect touch to this project!
I will post the complete mini album once I'm all done.. I'm working on the tags that go inside each envelope.. how it's going to work is during the 2ww (14 days) there will be an envelope to open on each of those days with inspirational quotes, pictures and things to help the 2ww not be such a drag!

I'm running out of ideas pretty quick so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas to add to the envelopes let me know!!! :-)

I also worked on this super cute Shaker Cup.. I added white stars and large sparkles.
Aka... "Baby Dust" ;)

The Infertile Mrs.White