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Saturday, January 26, 2013

And here we are... finally..

Got this in the mail yesterday.. 
This makes it all so much more real now..  

I'm not sure how to react to it all.. I read threw the pages.. and I can't help but feel like it's addressed to the wrong person.. I've been waiting and wishing for this day since we moved out here.. Getting all new gynecologists, new doctors, new specialist.. being able to get a new outlook on it all... but now that it's here.. I'm scared. Extremely happy but nervous to start this new chapter.. I'm scared of what the doctors will say, what they wont say, hearing bad news.. I know I'm being so negative but it's almost like I'm bracing myself.. If I don't mentally prepare for the worst then I sink even more.. Ughh I'm dramatic I know.. 

I need it to sink in more.. alot more..
They gave me a list of links to check out.. 
So this shall be my weekend read.. with a whiskey&ginger in hand.
HA! ughh.. If you have any better links and suggestion PLEASE share!!!