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Friday, June 13, 2014

Miss you like crazy bff

I made this card for my best friend who's pregnant with her second baby boy. We live a couple provinces away from each other now so I miss her like crazy and wish I could be more present in her life right now. Distance and time difference between us makes it so hard to keep in touch often so I wanted to send her a little something special to remind her I'm always here no matter what and that I miss her so much!! Below is a little sneak peak picture of the card I made. If you check out my craft blog at you can find a TON more pregnancy and ttc cards I've made. I've had babies on the mind a lot lately with everyone around me being pregnant and all so I guess i could say I've been inspired to pump out a bunch of pregnancy cards so go check it out and feel free to leave a comment!! I always enjoy knowing what people think about my crafts :)