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Friday, May 3, 2013

IUI Tooooday!!!

Today is the Day!!! (Finally!)

Eggs meet Super Sperms!!!!

The WINNERS!!!!!

Gross metal tools they use to keep things in place.. bah! 

Dr put a timer on for 10 minutes. I was asked to stay laying down till the timer went off. I did so gladly and took that time to really relax and soak it all in. Hubby was amazing and started rubbing my legs and giving me a massage to help calm my nerves.. it sure worked :)  hihi. only wish the time was set for 20 minutes haha ;) 

Thumbs up to finally being at this point.. Hoping my eggs are up for the challenge!!
P.s. not the most flattering picture of me but meh!

A friend of ours actually gave me this rock that says ''create'' on it over a year ago.. about a month before our wedding. They knew we had already been trying for couple months and would have troubles so this was meant to bring us some luck. (This was about a year and a half ago now) Turns out she's now pregnant, having a boy and due in 4-5 weeks. She got pregnant 1st try. Hoping this rock helps because I glued this rock to my body all day literally tucked it away in my bra safe and sound and hoped it would bring me some lucky baby dust.. 

They have this little hallways you have to walk threw when leaving the room we were in.. I couldn't help but get my picture taken hihi. I have a similar picture with the hubby standing in the same spot in a earlier post. Thought it was my turn ;) 

Hey at this point anything that brings me luck haha.. 
Hoping to proudly pin up my future baby's picture up there in 9 months!! ;)

What the weather looked like leaving the hospital/clinic.

This is me in the car right after the IUI haha.. I had my seat down hoping to give the sperm a longer better chance.. I know it's all in my head haha but it also gave me a chance to relax :) 

Cool view.. about 10 minutes or less from the hospital.

View on the way home leaving Edmonton.. Started to get cloudy!

With love, 
The. Infertile. Mrs.White