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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bench Press

I'm doing not too bad :) My bench press still has a ways to go but I mean this is better then the average woman so I'm very happy with myself :) Also at this point I still had about 2.5 weeks of training in Phase 2 so I had room to keep improving :) The weight on the bar was a 25 lbs plate on each side plus the weight of the bar. 

Ps. That's the love of my life spotting me .. 
He's what keeps me fueled and going.

Sorry about the crappy video quality.. it was off of a friends phone to mine then to here so the quality is crappy. Also my lift was kinda crappy because this was towards the end of my workout and I was tired.. Just wanted to post something to keep you all posted and show proof that I'm indeed really doing all this.!

The Infertile Mrs.White