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Friday, June 20, 2014



I've had my account for a couple of years now but mostly just posted pictures of my dogs or crafts I had made. It was only around the time of my 3rd IUI (January 2014) where I started to post pictures of my journey. Each day I had to take my Menopur injection I would try and come up with an original way to photograph the process, it helped to make that part of the journey easier and that way I could also document what each injection day looked like so it was fun. I would hashtag things like #infertility #pcos #ttc #menopur #injections #infertilitysucks #babydust #hopethisworks #icandothis and so on. To my surprise it opened up a whole new community and suddenly instagram became really important to me threw the iui process. Women on there from all over the world are so supportive of one and other, saying sweet comments to cheer each other up after a failed cycle, cheering each other on to be brave to inject ourselves, encouraging each other to never give up and to keep hope. I can honestly say that it really opened up my eyes and heart. I'm so grateful and happy that I've found a great community of strangers who all have different but similar journeys all with the same end goal.. "a family".

If you'd like to follow me, my IG name is : nadine_bw

The Infertile Mrs.White