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Thursday, February 13, 2014

a 3rd dog?

Cuddling with my dog watching Netflix always makes me feel better.
She's a Shepard cross Rottie...
We adopted her from the SPCA last Mothers day. 
They named her Mia so we stuck with the name :)
She's awesome despite her shedding fur ALL over my house.. literally everywhere! 

You see that divet in the couch cushion on the top right corner of the pic?
That's my shitzu Nella's spot haha. She's seriously like a cat it's too funny.
No matter how much we try to fix that cushion, it always ends up with a divet in it.. 
She loves to sit there and look out the window and catch some sun rays :P

When she's really tired and wants extra attention, she likes to shove her head in small areas and falls asleep.. she's adorable! Love her to bits! 

This picture was Mia and I a couple days ago, we were watching tv all cuddled up and my hubby thought we were too cute to pass up a Kodak moment :P 

They both love to cuddle "mom" and get lots of attention, pets and cuddles so it's not uncommon to see them hanging out together. Nella is getting a haircut over the weekend too.. she always looks like a different dog after haha.. i'll have to post her before and after pics.

Hubby recently brought up wanting another dog.. woah eh! haha.. two is a handful already.. but he's been bringing it up alot lately and has even been surfing the net looking for puppies born in the next month or so. I think this is his 'discrete' way of filling that baby void.. I can't see us having a 3rd dog in our place so that's gonna have to wait till we move somewhere else (we both don't like it here but the rent price is right so we stay for now..)  I would LOVE a 3rd dog just not all that comes with it especially when we are trying to save up for IVF!!! (1 more dog= extra bags of dog food$, extra poop to clean up, extra cage to buy cause we crate them, extra treats, extra toys, extra leash, more barking to piss off the neighbors..) I think for now we will have to stick to 2 and their amazing dogs and I love both sooo much!

The Infertile Mrs.White