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Monday, July 22, 2013

CD11 GonalF125 Day9

Two pens down (empty).. Working on my 3rd and got a new box yesterday to make sure I have enough to last me till next follow up (24th). Didn't have much of a choice since the pharmacy is 4 hours there and back. Plus on Sunday's the pharmacy is closed so the nurse gave me a box and said the pharmacy would contact me about the payments to be made for them on a later day. Pretty sweet deal.. I had totally forgot about Sunday's being closed and to be honest I really thought my ovaries had progressed well and that I wasn't going to need another box.. (wishful thinking). I also didn't have a choice to get a new box since they upped my dosage from 100iu to 125iu I really wanted to make sure I'd have enough.. Nurse said if I don't end up using the box to store it in my fridge that it can last months that way.