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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Planning a little getaway trip for my birthday

My husband and I came to the conclusion that we need to get away.. we need to spend some time together as a married couple and experience happy memories and get out of the sad funk.

My husband decided that for my birthday (April 18th) we would drive to Abbotsford Bc, a nice little long road-trip (12 ish hours one way) threw the mountains would be nice to get away, enjoy the beautiful scenery and spend the long weekend together cuddling and loving on each other. Also we plan on eventually moving out there so we wanted to go check out the neighborhoods and get the feel of the place. My husband put out his transfer request April 2nd and it could take weeks or even months before we hear anything back but at least the transfer was put in and requested. So this trip would be two birds one stone :) Celebrate me turning another year older and check out possible places to live and drive around all over Abbotsford and surroundings to see if we can picture ourselves living there :) We honestly can't wait!! We are so overdue for a little getaway trip.. We have been stressing so much about money, work, baby making that we said screw it, we need this to stay sane and get back on track.. Get our minds off our everyday life and just be we plan on doing just that and I cannot wait!!!

Also my birthday is on Good Friday and so our trip would be during the Easter long weekend so it was perfect work wise, I only had to book 2 days off.. the 18th (day of my birthday) as we would leave at 1am and took the Tuesday 22nd off as we would be coming back home late on that Monday and I'd wanna sleep in and enjoy a day off at home with my pooches before going back to work :P I am sooo looking forward to this!!!!! Pictures to come! :D

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