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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My 28th Birthday Road-trip to BC!!!!

For my 28th birthday, my husband planned a little getaway road-trip to Abbotsford Bc. We both really love road-trips and figured nothing more beautiful then driving threw the mountains for 12ish hours.

Here's are a couple pictures of my birthday trip :) (April 18th)

We left at about 1:50am and had planned to be in Abbotsford by noon if all went well :)

Leaving snowy Innisfail Alberta behind we were so excited and tired!!

Coffee in hand we were ready!!

The first 1.5 hours we drove threw really thick fog.. 

A little map on my iphone to show where about's we were.

Sun was starting to slowly rise at this point. After we had driven for many many hours already

drove threw a pretty crazy slippery snowstorm towards the top of the mountains..
this part was really scary as it was sooo foggy out, it was still dark sun was only starting to peak out a little and the snow was just coming down like crazy and we had so many sharp turns to take.. it was def really really stressful! 

We stopped for breakfast at Denny's at around 6am. We had been on the road already for about 4 hours and awake for about 6. We were really hungry and needed some fuel to keep driving in the really crappy weather!

 We would drive threw rain, fog, then thick snow, then rain, then slush.. the weather was so unpredictable.. it was thick fog for a huuuge portion of the trip.

I believe this was the highest elevation we cought on the gps... 1438m.

Finally a litle bit of sunshine!

then back to snow-slush-rain-fog

We finally made it to our hotel!! Safe and sound. We were soooo happy to be out of the car at this point haha.. we took a nice little/long nap before going out for an early birthday supper!! :) 

Our hotel room :) 

Our hotel room wasn't anything special.. we rather pay less for the hotel since we didn't plan on staying in much and that way we would save alot of money to go out and explore!! 

The Cactus Club literally riiight across from our hotel so we walked over for supper!

This was the view from our hotel parking lot.. I took this pic as we were walking to Cactus Club.

I was sooo tired at this point but happy to be out celebrating with my hubby in BC!

I had the "Nothing but pink" drink :P

Our meals!!!! Man it was sooooo delisious.. I ordered this exact meal last year for my birthday and was excited to experience it again haha. Every single bite was mouth watering.. especially after a long trip in the car! 

My meal was the one on the bottom called "BBQ Duck Clubhouse" AMAZING!!!!

For dessert we ordered these to share. They had a promotion going on that for every dessert you ordered a certain amount of the proceeds went to help make a sick child's wish come true so they came out with candles on every single dessert they sold that weekend for the whole "wish come true". It was very cute and fitting for my birthday haha even if no one had any idea it was my birthday. I made my husband promise he wouldn't embarrass me haha.

This was an amazing latte... peeerfect to finish off a good meal and a long day!

I was a happy girl haha! I only ended up having a couple small bites of this dessert it was waaaay too rich for me.. so eat the cheesecake instead yuum!!

So much more happened and pictures were taken during our trip.. but thought I'd share a glimpse of our road-trip up to Abbotsford and my birthday dinner out :) 

The Infertile Mrs.White