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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pre-cycle Gym Workout Progress & Fears

Here we are.. it's finally almost August and that means it's finally that time again.. another round of IUI. The fourth round with injectables that is. Am I nervous.. not at all. This time around I'm as ready as can be! I wanna get the show on the road and I wanna rock at it! Today is 2 days post last progesterone pill. (the ones I take for 10 days to give myself a period). My period usually arrives between 2-4 days after the last pill so it's anytime now. Really hoping Cycle day 1 is tomorrow though because I have already mentally mapped out what this cycle could look like and it would be pretty perfect with my work schedule and tomorrow is August 1st, that would make it easy to remember what Cycle day I'm on haha. Just worried my period wont come for a couple more days though because I've been working out really hard in the gym and pushing myself and hopefully the workouts wont delay my period from starting. (no idea if it would or not but hoping not).

I've been doing the Jamie Eason 12 week transformation (off of the website) I signed up for their Body Space and track my workouts on my Iphone with their app. It's so easy to follow and keeps you accountable when you skip a workout haha. There is also amazing support and encouragement on the bodyspace so I definitely recommend it for people who like to keep track and follow a workout routine. For those interested, my bodyspace username is:  geterdone86. If you add me after reading this post, please shoot me a message so I know where you found me :)

I had done this transformation workout before months and months ago but I was not eating healthy, consuming a high amount of sugar and fats and so the transformation was not very successful but I definitely had gotten way stronger. This time around man oh man.. what a difference mixing eating healthy and clean with proper workouts!! It's like night and day. Not only have I gained a bunch of defined muscles I have also lost 28 pounds in about 4 months! When I'm in the gym, I give it all I've got. Today was day 2 of the phase 3 (final phase of the transformation). The workouts are way more intense, there's crazy amount of cardio added in the workouts and the workout are about 45 minutes longer then phase 1 and 2. I felt amazing after my workout today.. sore as heck but amazing at what I have accomplished and how far I have come and how far I can now push my body. I've caught the gym bug haha.

I have to admit though, going threw an IUI when I'm at the home stretch of my transformation is starting to get to me. For about 4 months now all I have been thinking about and focusing on was that we got to actively 'try' again in August. I got my butt in gear, lost alot of weight, trained hard at the gym even on the days I really didn't feel like it, I eat really really clean and healthy every single day, I took daily vitamins and minerals, I've been taking folic acid for months now.. all gearing up for this precise moment. Now that it's finally so close by I'm actually a little worried. Worried I will fall off the working out train. I'm so crazy proud of myself for what I've managed to do in such short amount of time.. is it weird to say I'm scare to gain any of the weight back. Like petrified knowing how hard I worked to take it off. For some annoying reason my body always tends to put the weight right back on and then some whenever I stop working out. The road to getting where I am at now has definitely not been easy but as the weeks went by it got a little easier each time. It's become a good normal life style now but I'm sooo worried to see the scale go up.

When I do a IUI cycle I like to give that cycle all I've got and the best chance possible. In the past I had completely stopped going to the gym worried that weights or cardio would modify or change my hormones or the process or I don't even know, I was just worried of the unknown and figured if I don't go to the gym at all then I'd be ruling out any chances of it not working. I secretly liked the excuse to skip the gym due to a cycle haha. But shit I gained so much weight during each IUI.. like those injections made my stomach swell and those hormones played a number on my body. Today though I really enjoy the gym, it's where I get to go to blow off some steam, it's where I get to go to push myself, feeling sore means I worked hard and it means I'm burning fat. I don't want to loose that but I'm once again worried that the gym will somehow mess with the IUI process and follicles growing properly.

My husband told me that this time around it would be crucial for me to keep going to the gym even if it's only for very light workouts or even just walking on the treadmill. That keeping up with healthy eating and staying active will actually help this cycle since now my body is used to being pushed, it's used to it's routine that it would help keep my hormones in better check as I go threw the IUI process.

I need some advice on that.. any of you ladies have some working out threw IUI's tips for me??! I know I wont be able to do the same workouts as now as my ovaries absolutely kill me 3 days into injections. Half the time I have trouble sitting for long periods of time or just sitting comfortably in general. But I wonder if the elipticle and or the treadmill would be acceptable and what other workouts I could do that would't use my mid section area at all. I guess working arms could work.. but any other ideas would be great!!

I really need to find a before picture of me and take a 'after' picture of me wearing the same outfit. I'm curious to see just how much I let myself go in the past and remind myself to never go back to that! I should print it in big and stick it on my fridge!

Alright, it's past my bedtime! I will definitely try to post way more often going into this IUI so stay tuned if you'd like to follow this part (IUI4) of my journey!

I appreciate all comments so feel free to message me if your looking for a new friend, for advice, comfort or just someone to talk to or to lend an ear.

The Infertile Mrs.White