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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Baseline u/s, blood work and AFC.. Check!

Cycle Day 2
Baseline Ultrasound, Blood Work and AFC

Up at 5:15am, on the road by 6:15am, picked up breakfast and our green tea's and on the road we went.
Two hours later we got to Edmonton. I might have slept an hour of that trip.. I was exhausted. Since it's the weekend we had to go get the blood work done at the other end of the hospital then rush to the clinic as it's first come first serve. Parking at the hospital $12.00: check. 

At the blood lab by 8:30am, out of there at 9am :Check.

At the clinic by 9:10am: Check. Woah, I've got loootsa stickers this time around! I look so tired here! 5 am wake up's don't agree with me :P Oddly enough we didn't wait very long and they called me before all the other lady's who were there before me.. They all gave me looks haha! 

Hubby taking pictures of me in my sexy new skirt haha. 
They make you undress from the waist down and wrap a white sheet around you. 
Not so fun waiting around in a white sheet when your on your Cycle Day 2! Hense the silly face here ;) 

9:30am, getting Baseline Ultrasound and AFC done: Check
Today I saw a different Dr I had never seen before. He was nice and tried hard to be funny.. altho once he inserted the wand and found my ovaries full of cyst, all you hear him say is: "Oooh yes, this is definitively policystic.. and said it again at my other ovary.. NO SHIT buddy thanks for reminding me!!
My Antral Follicle Count is good, he stopped counting after 20 so that's a good sign. Fiouf cause I'm still young and I better still have a large reserve of follicles!! 
Ultrasound #1 for IUI#2.

All done! He gave us a prescription for Gonal-F and nurse gave us my next appointment for this coming Friday July 19th. I am to start Day 1 of Gonal-F100IU tomorrow (on CD3).

This was my gorgeous view on the way home from Edmonton. The yellow field on the right is Canola flower to make Canola Oil. Pretty neat eh.. it was so bright yellow really pretty to look at. :) 

Halfway home it started to get real cloudy.. made for really nice pictures :) I love nature.

The clinic might be far, but the view on the way there is SO worth it! 

The Infertile Mrs.White.