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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Possible Pregnancy book ideas

These are 3 books I saw at Chapters and debating witch one would be the best one to buy. No time like the present to read it when I have some free time here and there instead of trying to cram read it when I do one day get pregnant.. I can even make some notes to prepare myself haha.. Their not cheap books either so really wanna choose the best one. I really like how they all have descriptive pictures.. I love books with pictures haha.  The picture at the top left corner I found on pinterest and thought it was SOO cute. I hope one day to have it in a nice white frame in the baby's room. 


I totally want this shirt!!!!! Found this on Pinterest too. 
I bet my little one will be a soccer player in my belly haha. 
--- One Day!!! ---

The Dreaming Infertile Mrs.White