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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Infertility = $&Tears

Who knew eh... Getting pregnant cost more then a brand new car...
This is for the people who don't understand the hurtles of infertility.. 

Really wishing all it took was one simple sperm to reach one small egg! 
If only it was that simple... 

And for the record.. Clomid HURTS like hell.. I must have gotten every single symptom.. to those who 50mg of clomid did nothing.. I envy you. My ovaries were on fire and felt like bombs ready to explode, they even radiated so much heat... I'm really not looking forward to seeing myself on 150mg. Watch out world.. I might be a walking hazard. 

Did I mention MOST of these drugs are NOT covered by insurances. 

Note the highlighted sentence at the bottom.. FML.. even a small chance at possibly getting pregnant will cost us $$$.. and there's NEVER any guarantees . I have something like 60% chance MORE then the average woman to loose the baby within the first 3 months. Awesome eh.

IVF is something like $10 000.. so that idea will never be a possibility unless we win the lottery. Even if we were to save and raise the money.. that's $10 000 that WOULDN'T be going towards all the baby equipment we would need 9 months later. Also that's $10 000 that has absolutely NO GUARANTEES attached to it. Did I mention IVF is a long painful process of injecting needles and taking drugs.. It's really not something to take lightly. The cost and the idea of IVF is so unrealistic at this point.. and I get SOOO irritated when friends.. people..  throw that idea around like its no big deal. Just wish people would get informed before throwing comments like that out there!!

This post is not meant to target anyone.. it's just me venting out loud.
The Infertile Mrs. White