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Monday, July 15, 2013

Possible Chart IUI#2

This is what I'm hoping my IUI#2 cycle will look like.

This is my personal agenda I use for work and personal use, so I had to blur out a couple areas for privacy :)

Red post-it = Ultrasounds, Blood Work, IUI in Edmonton
Yellow post-it = Start of Injections of Gonal-F & Ovidrel
(The 2nd yellow post-it is for when they up my Gonal-F dosage.)

Last IUI cycle lasted WAY too long! I had 16 days of Gonal-F injections, 1 baseline ultrasound+blood work, 4 fallow up ultrasound+blood work and did the IUI itself 19 days after day 1 of injections. It dragged on, my follicles took forever to grow to the size we needed and I wasn't feeling very confident. I don't even think my follicles ended up being the size they wanted it to be (the size where your real confident in them). They were JUST big enough to go threw the IUI but I definitively did not feel confident about them!

This time around I know exactly what to expect, I know the routine, I know what questions to ask, I know exactly what to look for on the monitor and I've grown used to getting naked waist down for various Dr's. (I ended up seeing 4 different Dr's for that cycle for my ultrasounds). That's also one thing that made me a little uneasy as well threw the cycle but they were all nice and they do work well as a team and it seems to work.  
Sorry the picture is a little blurry, I will try to re-take it in the day light when I have a minute :) 

The Infertile Mrs.White