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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blood Work: Check!

***I'm late in posting this.. Left it in my draft for couple days.. my bad!***

I got my blood work done at the hospital today... (February 22)

 Took forever for the nurse to get all the papers and tubes and labels together. She kept having to check on her computer for witch tubes she needed and what process was needed for each, she also kept double checking them all and told me she wanted to make sure they were all there so I wouldn't have to get it done again.. I laughed and told her it's fine to take her time. In the mean time I did my urine sample and waited staring at a wall while she got ready. She had to go into the lab and get special tubes for my blood and was like ''Wow it's awesome that you have all the right forms and seperate paper work'' I guess other doctors offices and such rush and throw them all on the wrong sheets?! Who knows but I was glad to hear it, meant my doc was competent and knew what he was doing. (witch I already knew cause he must write those papers down daily lol). Nurse also mentioned something about one of my blood samples had to be divided and frozen or something so she said she wanted to make sure she got all the tubes in order.. She was a young nurse but I've got my blood taken from her before and she seems to know what she's doing. I could imagine it's not everyday people get tested what I needed to get done. Other nurses kept walking by laughing when they saw all the sheets I had and the nurse looking stuff up on the computer and her sheets. (I take it she was supposed to go on her break soon because 2 different nurses kept walking by to see if she was done yet to go have their coffee break together..) Ends up she told them to go withought her haha.. So she finally takes my blood and I'm staring at the wall or anywhere besides to my right (I have a great vein on my right arm lol) and I didn't want to see any of it or else I would most likely see stars and faint like I've done many times in the past.. as long as I don't look I'm okay. It felt like it took forever and my arm actually got numb.. this never happened before.. and every time she was taking the tube off to put a new one on I could feel the needle dig deeper and move around.. ugh I'm sure my face turned white at some point.. I could feel everything.. finally she was done and pulled out the needle and that part hurt the worst... I'm a bleeder so I had to sit there and hold the cotton ball... I ended up looking over to her desk because she was doing something but I wasn't sure what and I didn't know if I could go now.. I look over and see so many tubes of my blood.. I ended up asking her how many there was.. so she goes and starts counting ''2..4..6..8..10.. 11'' She says there's 11 and said I did really good that usually people complain when it's 2-3 tubes... that explains my arm going numb!! That's alot of blood to be taken when I had just fasted for over 12 hours... I eat a chocolate bar once I got to my car and went to Tim Hortons and got myself a medium half hot chocolate half coffee. I felt alot better after that ;)

Yay to that being done with.. I feel so good when I can start check marking things off my list :)

Now to get my Hysterosalpingogram procedure over with on Monday!

The Infertile Mrs.White