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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The wait between Doctor appointments... SUCK!

I really hate this waiting period...

And by waiting period I don't mean the 2WW.. I'm talking about the time between my doctor appointments! My fallow up appointment with the fertility doctor is April 8th.. that's in like forever!! (to be exact it's 46 days witch means 2 wasted cycles!) Feel long especially when I'm so close to finally getting the ball rolling.. I hate that February and March have been useless months in trying. I know I don't ovulate on my own, I've charted many of my cycles and they always come back with me not ovulating.. I do get my period because I take progesterone for 10 days to help me regulate but I somehow do not ovulate.. I think my ovaries try to produce an egg but it never matures and doesn't seem to make it out of my ovaries witch result in getting a nice annoying cyst. Joy.

On a better note, I am really looking forward to getting my results from my blood and urine samples and to get the Doc's game plane according to all the results from hubby and I. My birthday is in April :) and I'm really hoping to have a fighting chance that month in getting pregnant. Doc appointment is on the 8th and I usually start my cycle around the 12th-14th and it is usually light and last 5 days.. So hopefully Doc will give us something to try differently then Clomid for that cycle! (Keeping fingers crossed!!)

I do have an appointment March 25th with my Gyno. It will be our initial apt. I've heard great things about this Doctor so hopefully he can work some magic on us :) I'm just a little confused as to how it's going to work since the Fertility Doctor has already seen me and took my case.. and now seeing this new gyno I dont know if they will try and work together so I don't have to drive to Edmonton (4 hours away there and back) every time I need to be fallowed. I do plan on asking him to help me get my Pcos on track and to verify that my progesterone dosage is the right amount for me. My Doc's seemed really good at prescibing me medication but not so good at fallowing threw with the meds and seeing if their giving the proper results. This is something I plan on fixing. If I'm gonna take meds I want to know they are actually doing something and that they are at the right dosage.

Here is to waiting...

The Infertile Mrs.White