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Monday, February 25, 2013

HSG Procedure Day: Check!

Hysterosalpingogram Procedure Day!!!!
If your curious what this procedure is, youtube it!!

I woke up at 7am,.. shower and got ready.. left house at 8:10am and went to gas station to fill up car and get midol witch i was told to take 2, 1 hour before procedure to help with pain. This procedure was getting done in Edmonton again.. so another 2 hour and a bit drive up to do.

Couple minutes off the high way.. heading for downtown.. 

Hubby drove up this time and I got to relax and enjoy the ride up.. Once we got to the hospital, we had to go threw 3 diff parking lots to finally find a spot on the 4th floor of parking garage.. Getting anxious at this point thinking we would be late and i'm tired, irritable, hungry and anticipating the worst.. took motrin at 10am when we were about 20 mins from hospital...

I needed washroom 2 times on the way because so nervous makes me have to go.. (I have overactive bladder so doesn't help). We got there just on time.. we got there 10:40  (apt at 11:00) they had told us to be there for 10:40 to sign in.. We then went to waiting room that was designated to us.. I got changed into a gown and waited VERY uncomfortably in waiting room filled with men waiting for their significant other.. I was completely nude under my gown.. i felt really really uncomfortable...

My appointment was supposed to be at 11 .. 11:15 rolls by still waiting.. then 11:30 comes around, i'm starting to get annoyed since my motrin i took is gonna start to loose effect.. want this over with now and loosing my cool inside.. then 11:45 rolls around and now i'm fidgeting in my seat, analyzing every possible reason why it's taking so long with the 3 lady's who are getting procedure done right now..Also i'm just getting really hungry since haven't eaten since last night because food + a stressed body would equal real upset stomach witch i didn't want on a day like today... so no food..

A young lady came in after me, (I had already been waiting 15 minutes or so) she had time to change into a gown.. wait around 10 minutes, then got called, went in for her procedure.. got changed and left and I was still sitting there waiting for another half hour after that.. this pissed me off.. Hubby said she must have had a diff doc but i doubt it.. also looks like she got bad news or something because she was in a rush to get outta there and gave a (lets get the f*ck out of here look to her fiance) where when she came in she was all smiles and confidence.. she will be in my thoughts tonight :-|

Finally I got called in and the nurse lady was really sweet, talked me threw everything, even put her hand over mine at some point and told me it would be over in no time and so on.. really sweet.

My doc was, to my surprise pretty great. He was all smiles, did not make me feel like he's had a long morning or that he was in a rush to move on to the next.. he was there present in the moment and it was nice. It instantly made me feel relaxed. Before anything he came to my side (i was laying down on metal table) and he explained to me the procedure step by step looking into my eyes so it was nice to feel important. He did not make me feel uncomfortable at all.. and they were right, it was quick and before I knew it.. it was over.. I did feel a pinch (VERY painful) when he forced the tube threw my cervix.. I actually said out loud ''Ouuch!'' but after that it was okay. I guess that pain made the rest of the procedure not as bad.

I even got to watch him pour the dye into my uterus on the screen. It was pretty cool, they even moved the 2 screens to where I'd have a good view. To be honest that was a pretty cool experience to witness lol.. I saw the iodine ''spill'' on both sides of my tubes.. man was I ever re-leaved!!

They said it would be normal for me to feel some discomfort for the next day or so, they said most people get bad period cramp feeling (without the period) and to have some bleeding (witch I did have). Right away after the procedure I was fine, no pain.. just bleeding. Hubby and I went to the Edmonton Mall to walk around and shake off the procedure. I think the walking and keeping my mind off it helped alot because I felt fine. (could have been the motrin kicking in haha). Couple hours later I started to feel discomfort and had a bloating feeling. I took 2 more motrin and felt better again.

Weight off my shoulders and now i'm so ready for the next step of this journey.. Trying to conceive with drugs and a fertility specialist by my side makes me feel sooo much more positive about all this.

The fallowing picture I found on google.. shows a bit of what the procedure looks like..
Awkward eh!

On a lighter note, this was me enjoying myself 
afterwards at the Edmonton Mall!!!

Checking out clothes at the Big and Tall Men's Store.. 
Scribbled hubby's face.. you know.. anonymous thing..
He's pretty sexy though ;-) haha

There were professional figure skaters practicing with their coaches.. pretty neat to watch.. 
they were doing twirls and stuff.. all dressed up in flashy fun outfits too haha..

I finally got to see for the first time ever.. the famous roller coasters INSIDE the mall!!! 
We didn't ride any but I'm sure we will some other time.. Very cool though!! 

Some really cool art piece that's supposed to symbolize Oil Rigs in Alberta. 

Pic taken @ Pottery Barn
This is me.. sitting VERY comfortably on a 3000$ leather over sized chair.. 
This would look amazing in my place haha.. I wish! ;) 

This was our drive home... Snowing, foggy and extremely slippery roads!

With love,
The Infertile Mrs.White