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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Okay.. so my first appointment with the fertility clinic is finally tomorrow! OMG am I nervous!! It's at 9:15am and it's 2 hours away from my house with no traffic. Since we would be driving up smack in the middle of traffic time we are going to leave 2 hours and 45ish minutes earlier.. figured it would give us time to find good parking and make our way threw the downtown with less stress. It is presently 1:23am.. what am I not doing in bed yet you ask.. good question!! To be honest I didn't even see the time go by. Haha, my husband just looked up my doc on "'' (or wtv the site is called) and he's rated 4.3 our of 5. Apparently the people that rated lower was because he tells people they should know when to stop trying and obviously this hurts to hear. Also.. apparently you see the nurses all the time and barely actually see the Doctor himself. Personally this I don't mind for the moment... I need to build comfort first thing when I get there and being surrounded by female nurses will do that.. instead of an intimidating male Doctor who will probably most likely seem like he's in a rush to get to his next client.. but who knows.

Wish me luck!

I will report back tomorrow :)

Sleep time xo

The Infertile Mrs.White