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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What now..?

I needed time to process this failed cycle before calling my Dr's office. 
I think I'm ready to call them tomorrow and see how soon they can get me in.
Sorry for my bitter, long and ranting prior posts. 
I had alot on my mind and heart. I had the past 2 days to wrap my head around the whole "what's next'' question. Husband and I have alot of serious talk to do.. I desperately want to try IVF next and say fuck to trying IUI again. I wanna go big or go home. Only problem is the $. We have to sit down and crunch some numbers down and see who can help us out and what it all would involve. Really thankful and happy we both have really good insurances :) Fiouf it will def help out.

I know I have to keep positive, see things on a better note. I've learnt alot threw the IUI process about myself and I need to keep my head in the game. This is not the end, it's only the beginning and I knew that from the start of it all.. It just always stings the first couple days. 

Now for the next couple days I plan on throwing myself in the IVF information overload train. I want to get as much facts, numbers, what to expect, pro's, con's and advise as I can get. I also need to find funds and see if it's even achievable for us right now. We wouldn't do it for a couple months though. I want my body to stop hurting for a while.. Tired of side effects. 

....When & How...

The Infertile Mrs.White