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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Symptoms... Two weeks wait

Here are some of the symptoms I experienced during my 2 weeks wait. (2WW)

3DP-IUI .. Peeing alot today, more then usual
4DP-IUI .. Dizzy, out of it on/off all day. Headache
5DP-IUI .. Extremely dizzy around 4:30pm, thought I was going to pass out. Lasted at least 3 hours. Very not usual for me. I wasn't able to snap out of it. Headache
6DP-IUI .. Really gassy all day
7DP-IUI .. Feeling off all day, really emotional. Headache
8DP-IUI .. Very emotional again today.
10DP-IUI .. Spotted pink when I wiped after peeing around 3:30pm, then nothing. Freaked out and thought maybe it was implantation.. then quickly realized it's way past the implantation time period and then started to freak out. At 7:00pm I started to spot bright red so wore a small tampon to bed.
11DP-IUI ..Woke up and my tampon was full and bright red. My period has definitely started. Light at first, then got heavy towards the afternoon.

It's official.. IUI was a FAIL

The very angry depressed infertile Mrs.White :'-(