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Monday, June 3, 2013

Am I really ovulating?!!

Am I really ovulating on my own this month?!! 

In the past year and a half I've been tracking my ovulation using these little opk's. Their cheap and have proven effective so far. The only time I have seen lines this bright was when I was doing my clomid cycles.. All other months I kept tracking my ovulation but the line would never get this dark. Don't get me wrong I know the line isn't dark enough to indicate ovulation since it needs to be the same darkness as the test line or darker but sure looks promising! I usually ovulate around the 27th latest (on clomid) so I really thought I was out this month like all the other months. I didn't bother testing on the 1st figured it was a waste of time.. Then this morning when I woke up I said what the heck ill give it a shot you never know. I was also really hoping that after going threw the iui that maybe my body would be more responsive on its own the cycle right after. Looking forward to testing in the morning again. I know this doesn't mean baby in the end but just the fact that my body is indicating that something is going on on its own this month is huge for me baby or not. 

The bottom stick says June 2nd PM. Funny thing is that all my AM sticks are my first pee of the morning and the one I took today in the PM I had just gone pee an hour before and it still came out that dark so really looking forward to seeing the one tomorrow AM! P.s. don't mind my yellow sticks.. I take vitamins and they make my pee neon no joke. I guess those days I had taken them before bed so turned out on the stick haha. (In case u were wondering) 

The Infertile Mrs.White