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Friday, June 7, 2013


I forgot to mention my appointment with my fertility Doctor is on the 24th of this month! When my IUI failed I asked to make a appointment with my Dr as earliest as possible and that's the date I got. Husband works that day and is not able to book it off so I will be going on my own at 11:00am. I had to book off work but it's alright since I can just take a wellness day.. altho those are starting to dissapear pretty quick since the IUI and all the medical appointments that lead up to the IUI. That explains a little bit why my brain has been going overload lately. I want to walk in there confident in my knowledge and have a little game plan of my own. I know he's going to look at me and ask me what we want to do next since really it always comes back to MONEY. I want to be able to either say ''Yes we want to proceed with IVF'' or ''We can't afford IVF right away so we will try another cycle of IUI while we raise money''. My response really all falls back on how realistic raising $10 000 in a short span of time is! It is really hard to get an appointment with my Doctor that isn't months away.. there's usually always a big span of time before I get to see him so I really don't want to walk in there and say ''I have no idea what to do next'' because that would mean I'd have to book another appointment for like end of next month with another wasted cycle.

bah. can't shut off brain.. time for some melatonine, my pillow and some cuddle time.

The Infertile Mrs. White