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Friday, June 7, 2013

A possible website to raise money...!

Look what I found while browsing pinterest at the late hours of the night (lol). Something I think I will start doing way more often as there's great blogs, ideas and stories out there! Only problem is it's addicting and it's way past my bed time haha!.. Anyways my last post I was talking about asking for ideas on how to raise money for ivf.. I found this neat website while searching ivf pictures.. I think this might be the *winner*! If any of you know about this website pro's and con's or know someone who knows something haha please let me know! I'm still looking for different website options.. but sure am glad I found something!! I feel alot better now :) Only down side to this one is that they take 5% of each donation.. :S but the website is free. I noticed some people created a facebook page about raising money.. it's a good idea but we are looking for something a little bit more professional and on facebook people would have to e-mail transfer money and not everyone knows how to do that. The good thing about the website I found I would just need to link up my pay-pal account and makes things a little easier to receive money. I was also originally thinking of just creating a new 'temporary' blog and go from there but I don't know.. I feel a bit hesitant now that I saw all the cool features this site has.. My mom also mentioned to me to create a list of family members and friends who I would want to show our "raising money for ivf website".. then it got me thinking.. do I really want everyone to know about this?? What if everyone is amazing and really help us out and IVF turns out to be a big fail.. then how would we fell? What awkward situation we would be put in not to mention how much extra pressure would be put on me to succeed! Then I really got thinking and thought 'you know what! I want this more then anything in the world and I want family and friends to be part of it all, maybe this way it would actually be easier to go threw knowing I have their support and love threw it..' It all falls back on I HATE asking people for money.. it's very uncomfortable.. that's one of the reasons I'm really licking the idea of this site.

Once again.. if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!

Good night world,
I can now go rest my brain that's been working overtime today!

Check it out! Let me know pro's - con's!!!

The Infertile Mrs.White