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Friday, October 25, 2013

PCOS sucks!!

Having PCOS sucks...

My period has always been all over the place and shows up when it wants.. skips months then shows up out of the blue. Sometimes it's really heavy others it's barely there. It's always a guessing game and I can never time it's arrival nor do I 'sense' it's on it's way like most of the average women do by getting sore breast or by mild cramping indicating it's about to show up.


I have been taking progesterone pills almost every month for over 3 years now to try and help regulate my cycle by giving myself a period and also to help with my pcos symptoms (so they say.. personally I don't find it helps the symptoms one bit!). For those curious, I take 1 pill a day at 10mg for 10 days. My gynecologist at the time suggested to me to take it every 1st of the month so that it would be easier to remember what day I was on to take the pills and it would be easier to remember this way in general. About a year ago I saw a new gynecologist out here in Alberta and he looked puzzled and even surprised that I was giving myself a period on purpose monthly. He told me that most women would love to be in my position and have few period, they would save money, pain (from cramping and all that jazz) and would be able to plan their lives better and not around a period. His reaction totally shocked me right back, I told him my reasoning was that I was trying to condition my body to hopefully fix itself (haha, naive I know) but like I was hoping it would just get used to the routine and that I could take progesterone every 2-3 months and that in between it would show up on time and on it's own. The gyno explained to me that I really didn't need to have a period every month, that periods are about 'shedding your layer' and that as long as I got a period every couple months I would be fine. Personally I just kept taking the pills because I want to be able to control at least that about my body and also that way I was able to track my non medicated cycles on my own and have less of a guessing game.

Well.... since this month is my month off anything fertility, period, pcos wise I figured hell with it, why give myself one if I don't have to right.. It's not like I need this cycle for anything... Really I don't.. if IUI doesn't work with perfect follicles and perfect sperm then why would doing it on our own work when I know my follicles grow into cyst and NOT eggs.. Anyways.. With the progesterone I usually get my period between the 12th and 15th.. so about 2-5 days after the 10th progesterone pill. Although... there has been a couple months where it showed up between the 18th-20th.

Bottom line is.. I took nothing this month and to my surprise I just got my period today (25th). Light but still very much there. I'm not sure what it means but I guess it's good? Last month (September) I did not take progesterone either because I had done my IUI August 31st and I got my period really heavy on September 5th I believe so there was no need for it.

The Infertile Mrs.White