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Friday, August 8, 2014

CD8 FollowUp1 - bruising

The last 2 injections I've done, I've gotten a pretty good sized bruise. Besides that, the injections have been going good. I've done them all myself. (Gooo me!)

I wore this bracelet today. It's a bracelet I had bought online a little while ago from Ashley Bridget , I really love the anchor and stars! This bracelet is supposed to represent "Empathy" according to the website. Each bracelets have their own expression their pretty neat. I have another 3 bracelets hihi.. Check out their website, I think any TTC ladies would love them! They got super cute components and make great gifts :)  I love them so figured I'd share.

We got to enjoy the sunrise on our way to Edmonton. We left home at 5:00am.
It was pitch black when we left home though.

About 45 mins into the trip, it started to get really really foggy so we had to drive slower. 

It's bright, early and I'm tired but I'm here! Follow up #1 for IUI#4.

Here we go again!

This is a picture of the white board they recently put up in each of the change rooms. They used to have random information papers taped up to the back of every door and people had started writing inspirational things all over the sheets.. I guess during my 6 months off, they finally invested in white boards for ttc women to support each other. I think it was a great idea and it def put a smile on my face before going into the ultrasound room. It also helped to be a little less stressed.

The picture below of the ultrasound machine was to show the new machine our clinic got! When the Dr came in, the machine was opened to a weird window and it took him a bit to figure out how to get it to the window he needed, said he hadn't used this machine before but that he would figure it out... Gulp.

The Verdict...

Ultrasound done by Dr.M (male)
Lining: he never measured! :( Just said it looked good
Right ovary: 0.94cm
Left ovary: 0.97cm
Injection dosage: Stay the same

**A little side note here to say that my ovaries had a BUNCH of follicles in them but that the Dr never measured any of them. He only measured the biggest he saw at first glace in each ovary and he looked at the lining but never measured it.. NO idea why. That did not make me very happy, the ultrasound lasted a whole 1.5 mins. I was too shocked and taken back to be able to say anything. I am also not used to having him do the ultrasounds since all the other Dr's measure many follicles to determine the average size of them and to see at next apt witch ones grew. Before I could even say anything he had already pulled out the probe and was writing in my file. My husband had the same reaction I had and all day I complained about how stupid that ultrasound went but figured it was only the 1st follow up that hopefully next one would be better. I was happy to know I at least had 2 good sized follicles. They were also all pretty round and nicely shaped already so I was very happy. 

If you have read my recent post about my Dr.C retiring during our 6 months off and not being notified about that... The Dr who did my ultrasound along with the nurse told us we needed to go to the front and get a new Dr associated to my file so that would be the Dr who revises my file. Once we got to the front they told us that we didn't need a Dr right away, only later down the line witch made no sense. I argued and said no Dr said now so please give me a new Dr now. I asked for a female and got a follow Up appointment with Dr.T for December 10th at 1:15. I told them I didn't need a apt I just needed a Dr associated to my files to make sure my file is looked after and revised but reception lady insisted on the fact that I needed a apt in order to get the new Dr. I swear it was alot of confusion for nothing and I'm just glad that in the end I have a piece of mind knowing my file IS looked after now. Not happy about how this process came about, really wish I was notified right away but what's done is done.

Also huuuge thing that went on today... if my husband overheard properly... the clinic has LOST... misplaced someones egg who was waiting in the waiting room I suppose for their IVF egg transfer. A certain Dr (not the one doing the ultrasounds today) seemed really stressed out and the nurses seemed to be busier then usual as in had alot of other paper work stuff they were dealing with... I really really hope he overheard wrong.. but man! I could not imagine being in their shoes. Hope that all got figured out in the end. Oufff!

These are the meds I brought home from the pharmacy today. I bought more then I needed for the 3 days but figured it would save me a trip to the pharmacy next time.

3 boxes of Menopur with 5 vials in each.
1 box of Q-caps (for the syringes)
1 box of syringes/needles/alcohol swabs.

I almost forgot to share that I got a huge bruise from my bloodwork today. No idea what happened, it didn't hurt more today then usual. Here's a pic...

This picture was taken shortly after we got home in the afternoon.

This picture was taken late at night before bed. It had been getting worst all day.

The Infertile Mrs.White