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Friday, March 15, 2013

Weird pain on my lower right side

In November - December I took clomid back to back and towards the start of January I started getting really weird pains on my lower right side. At first I didn't make much of it as I figured it was probably cyst that had detached or were irritated by the clomid cycles. I had weird similar pains on my 1st ever clomid cycle but not since till now. The weird thing is that it isn't pain from taking clomid.. like it's not the usual swelling feeling or irritated ovaries.. the pain comes from higher up in my abdomen to the right side. It's so stange to explain. By the end of January all the way till mid/end of  February the pain had transformed.. it felt like I had a weird mass inside and like for example if I was sitting down on a chair and I was to reach towards the floor to pick something up, I would get really sharp pain and felt like there was a mass where it should't be. I'm really bad at explaining. Also when I was at the gym, I was doing "twists" it's when your standing up straight and you twist your core from side to side to work your abdominal/core area. Well whenever I would try to do my twist exercises I would get sharp pains again and felt like my muscles were pressing agains a weird mass.. something that was clearly not supposd to be there. The pain would always surface at the weirdest times too and my husband could swear he felt a mass as well. I always tried and made him feel what I felt to make sure it wasn't me going crazy. He says he did feel something stange, like a weird circular mass.

I should have gone to the Doctors right away, I thought about it weekly but figures it was all in my head and must have been from the clomid cycles. (Even if the pain is weeks/months later). The pain had gotten so bad during a week in the start of Feb that I was going to go to the hospital emergency room and figured they would see me quicker then making an apt threw my doctor and I would get my results right away and a peace of mind. Stupid me ended up not going.. Mainly because I had similar pains on my 1st ever clomid cycle and had gotten an ultrasound done to see if there was something wrong and when I called the Dr office to see if my results were in, the secretary told me they came back with "nothing was wrong". I never even got to see my Dr to hear it from her but hey that's what I had to deal with back then. So this time around I figured why waste my time again..

Well finally I ended up making a Dr appointment to get a requesition to get an ultrasound done because of pain on right side. I was able to book an ultrasound for my pelvic/abdominal 4 days later (March 5th @ 8:30am). I went to the appointment and the technician girl was really nice. She took so many pictures! She started off with my pelvic area, I advised to her that I knew I had enlarged ovaries because of my Pcos.. I find if I don't tell them they think that's what their looking for and start mesuring and taking crazy amount of pictures when I already know about them. So she was like oh ok! So she spent less time there and let me go empty my blatter LOL. I have an over active bladder and so it's extremly hard for me to hold any kind of liquid in for a stretch of time. Afterwards she started taking pictures right below my breast area. I thought this was so strange as I told her the pain I was having was on my lower right side. She took crazy amount of pictures of my lungs I suppose then she made me lay on my side and took alot of pictures there too then finally took pictures of the area I went there for! She left the room and said she needed to go see the Dr to see if she needed to take anymore pictures and for me to wait. She left the screen open with my pictures on them.. So I sneeked a picutre of the screen.. only thing is I had absolutely NO idea what area of my abdomen they were taking from so I can't make my own analysis HAHA.

I have an apt with my family Dr tomorrow at 10am to get my results (March 13th). I wish I would have went to see a Doc when the pain was at it's worst because this month it feels alot better but I wanted to make sure to get checked out before we start trying again with meds. I told the ultrasound girl that I wanted a piece of mind to start trying again...

March 15th 
Turns out, as I expected.. there is nothing wrong that they can find. He says that yes my ovaries are very enlarged in my body thanks to all the cyst in them and that because they are so large it's probably what I feel from time to time.. Them pushing against other parts in my body and making it uncomfortable. It makes sense and it's what I figured.. I still don't feel like it explains the sharp pains.. must be cyst releasing or I guess like he said irritation.. oh I don't know. Bah.

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