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Sunday, March 17, 2013

AF where are you?!!

VERY Impatient..

I don't understand.. every month when I take progesterone days 1 to 10.. I usually get my period around the 12th-13th.. usually latest 14th. Well today we are March 17th and I've yet gotten them. I haven't charted this month so I have no idea IF or when I ovulated.. I'm not pregnant.. I took a test the other day just because I thought it was so unusual to not have gotten them yet. Def not pregnant.. just saying that because I know it's close to impossible (or sure feels like it) to grow a baby inside me..

A side note.. I take progesterone every 1st of the month for 10 days to help regulate my periods and to actually give me one. If I did not take progesterone then I would go months and months without a cycle... also the progesterone is supposed to help a bit with my pcos but I was given a low dosage and I have never been checked couple months later to make sure it was the right dosage for me (witch I'm not convinced it is). Usually they say that birth control pills help with pcos symptoms (don't ask me how) but I am not allowed to take birth control pills as I have a very high chance of getting blood clots (I'm Protein C deficient) and doctors didn't want to risk the chance. I was on Micronore for a couple months when I was younger.. they call it the ''mini pill'' lol. Long time ago I had told the Doctor that there wasn't any point in me taking it because it wasn't 100% nor not close to what the usual birth control rate is at. That's when Dr decided to give me progesterone.. mainly for the soul purpose of helping me get my periods back on track and regular. In the past I have taken two different kinds of birth control.. One was 'Yasmine' and I forget the other...  (before I knew I could't). When I decided to get off of 'Yasmine' I ended up getting my period for a Month straight! Not even kidding. After 2 weeks of period, I kept telling myself it will stop tomorrow.. It will stop tomorrow and it never did for 32 days. RIDICILOUS!! When I went to see my Dr (when my period was finally over) she didn't have a reason for it, just said it can happen when we stop taking them. To me that made no sense because my body didn't know I was stopping taking them since during the ''sugar pill week'' I got my usual period so it was really really weird. Never happened since tho fiouf! I used to be very low in iron when I was younger and so that month was really tuff on my body. 

All this to say.. Progesterone is supposed to work.. it's always worked for me so far.. Not getting my period during the time period I usually get it in makes me very anxious and nervous. I'm trying so hard to try and stay on track and take my progesterone everyday (10 days) at the same time and so on. Usually this would't bother me as much as it does now.. only because I finally have a Fertility Expert working with me (or about to..) and I really really want to be regular in my cycles so I and he knows what to expect and when my cycles are. Now I feel like I'm all thrown out of wack. My periods usually last around 5 days.. so technically right now I should done my period.

After this cycle I wanted to chart my ovulation.. I wanted to try using the program on the computer where it makes a graphic for you.. I've always just used OPK's but I was curious to give the program a try and I was looking forward to starting that asap.. so I guess that's what's making me so anxious.

C'mon red river!!! I've never wanted you to show up so bad before..
(and I know I'm not pregnant so why aren't you showing up already!!)

Irritated Infertile Mrs.White