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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am hoping for some good positive news on my fallow up appointment with fertility Dr on the 8th of April. (in 12 days) He is supposed to give us his game plan according to all our blood work results, health issues results and so on. Keeping fingers crossed it's something that works and doesn't put my body threw too much pain again. Regardless what it is, we're all in this. We're gonna give it 100% so bring it on!! I need a game plan, I need to feel like I'm working towards a goal that's achievable. Even if we don't get pregnant right away at least knowing we have support by a specialist behind us, will  make us feel alot better knowing what went wrong, what we can do better next time and so on. I'm ready! .. we are ready.. Mentally, physically and emotionally ready for this chapter of our infertility journey. I hope to prove wrong and turn this into a fertility journey. Maybe one day :) 

Oh and for the record, I ended up having my period a day after I posted about it being really late. It ended up lasting 6ish days and was extremely light threw out the 6 days. Definitively lighter then my usual period. 

The. Infertile. Mrs. White.