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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gyno appointment = big fail.

On the 25th, I went to my gyno appointment that was scheduled for 10:20am. Ended up having to wait 45 minutes.. ugh hate waiting. Anyways, after that wait, I waited another 10 minutes in this room.. staring at cute happy babies.. success stories I guess..  

Turns out my appointment was very pointless one and the Dr even seemed a little annoyed that I wasted his time. He was like well if your seeing a fertility specialist why are you here typa thing.. I felt really stupid. I told him that I got both places who gave me appointments around the same time after having waited almost a year for a single appointment and so explained that I kept this appointment in case the other fell threw and that I thought he would be able to help me take control of my pcos and explained that my ovaries always seem to hurt and ache and that I don't know why.. well that I know their enlarged and full of cyst but that why the past couple months I seem to always be able to feel my ovaries they actually ache and feel irritated. He kept going back to "why are you here if your seeing a specialist who knows more then me". He also had a apprentice with him so it was double awkward. He kept saying he's sorry to have wasted my time witch made me even more uncomfortable because that's a way of saying I wasted his time. Ugh. I told him that since the specialist was in Edmonton I was hoping we could work together so I wouldn't have to drive all the way there every time I need a fallow up. He didn't really answer my question. He said he would write a letter to my family Dr who referred me to see him and appolagise for the misunderstanding. Like really!? He seemed like a really down to earth nice guy, but just seemed to make it really awkward. I get it he could be mad to have wasted a slot someone really ill would have needed so I overall felt really stupid. If I would have known I would have totally canceled it. I just didn't want to get in shit later on down the road by my Family Dr or specialist saying why didn't you keep the gyno. It happened all too weirdly for me. So I guess now I'm back to not having a gyno.. at least I have the specialist tho!! Sooo thankful for that and he's a real nice Dr too :) 

Overall, this appointment was a total bust and started my day off on the wrong foot.

The Infertile Mrs.White