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Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to lie nicely

I'm at the hair dressers right now and she small talked and the subject of "do you have kids" always seems to be the 'go to' topic. I said no nicely hoping she would go off that topic then she was like "oh just not yet eh" gah. I smiled nicely again and did a little fake laugh and said ya just not yet and gave her a look as in change topic. Wish I could have said "no kids because I can't" and watched for her reaction but for the sake of being in a salon full of other woman I just played along. Now my heart aches all over. I woke up this morning saying today I will be okay.. Gonna get my hair done, go home walk my dogs and give them lotsa attention then do some more crafts (did a full day of crafts from the minute I woke up till 1:30am! yesterday) I was trying to keep my mind busy busy and off baby making failed cycle and I wanted to make a stack of thank you cards to send out to people who donated money to our IVF fund. I put alot of love and care in each card because their support is huge for me so its my way of showing how much. Also my period is full on and really heavy. (This is gonna sound gross but its really really coagulated) I'm not used to heavy periods usually they are really really light and last max 5 days. And I usually only get a period because I make my body have one by using progesterone for 10 days so technically it's not even a "real period" because i don't ever ovulate on my own.  This time around I need to change my tampon every hour and that's alot for me. I also feel flushed today like out of it and I can def feel my iron is lower. Alsooo I have CRAMPS! I haven't had cramps in ages. I want to buy midol (made for period cramps) but I would never use a whole bottle so I might have to settle with ibuprofen..

The Infertile Mrs.White