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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

7DP-IUI ... Roller coaster of spotting :(

At 10:25pm on the 5th when I went to the washroom and wiped I was spotting pink. I worried because this was too early for implantation yet way way too early for AF as I was only on D5 Post-IUI. I didn't stress too much went to bed and hoped maybe it was early implantation and that all was still a go. 

The next morning (6th) when I woke up at 8:15am to pee I noticed it was pink again when I wiped. This made me very anxious and a crappy way to start my day. I worked 12-8 that day and I really didn't feel like being at work because all day I kept trying to find excuses to go to the washroom and wipe to check my status. To my surprise at 2pm I wipe and its bright vivid RED.. Like period red. My heart sunk and I sat there staring at the tissue not knowing how to feel about what I saw. Kinda numb.. Can't convince myself now its implantation or try and blame it on positive reasons. This was just not a good sign at all :( I wiped 3 times and each wipe had as much as the first so I put on a tampon in case. At 3:30 I went and checked the status on my tampon and there was only a small red area. Really not enough to stress about. For precaution put on a new tampon. This is all such a roller coaster I swear gahh!!!! The red I saw I could have sworn AF was coming by night time. At 7 pm I checked again and nothing again just a small red area. 

I called the husband the minute i saw the bright red and got him to call the fertility clinic and leave the nurses line a message saying I'm bleeding on day 6 post-iui and wondering what I should do. They called me back an hour later, nurse did not have a reason for it nor a solution I asked if I should be taking progesterone and she never really answered my question. Dr who follows me (Dr.C) was out of the office and by the sounds of it for a couple days. She said she would leave my file on his desk with her recommendations.. Witch wasn't much at all she asked me to go ahead with my 7day post bloodwork (on the 7th) and that the results might help them to determine where or what went wrong. She also said she would ask the reception to book me in with my Dr for a "tele-health" appointment... It's kind of like "Skype" where I get to talk to my Dr threw a screen this way I don't have to drive up to Edmonton (4 hours there and back) for a sad depressing "what now" appointment. This put me at ease a bit but technically the cycle isn't over till AF is here full blow.  I'm not holding my breath on this one.. I'm being real realistic.. Hubby keeps trying to hold on to hope but that I lost when I saw red :( 

Today (7th) woke up went to washroom and nothing. This put me a bit at ease. Went to hospital got my blood work done and hoped to hear from the clinic today anything about my numbers but never got a call. At 1pm when I wiped i was spotting light pink again. Like WTF!!! I'm so sick of this. I have to brace myself every time I go to wipe bah. 

I really really wonder what's going on my with body and where it or I went wrong. 

At first I kept convincing myself maybe all 3 follicles I had ovulated and fertilized and that the spotting was from a triple implantation hahaha now that's wishful thinking!!!! 

Tomorrow is day 8 post and I'm going to test with a cheapy test in the am just because I'm curious. Alot of women see a faint line at 8 days... I think AF is just creeping around the corner but I can't help but wonder and want to test. I really don't expect to see anything but can't help it. 

Here's to hoping tomorrow is a pink-red free day! :( 

The Anxious Infertile Mrs.White