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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeling off lately..

LOTS of pain in ovaries, they feel on fire all day.
I was exhausted  last night feel asleep on the couch for a nap at 6pm and woke up all disoriented at 11pm only to end up going right to bed. Woke up couple times in the morning to take my dog out and managed to sleep in till 11:30ish. I really needed it, mix of work, driving hours to appointments that are already ridiculously early then rushing to work to make sure i still get paid and don't miss too many hours.. all this process is really starting to take its tole on me.

LOTS of pain threw out the day on ovaries. Sitting, standing, walking it feels all the same. I can just always feel them burning and very present. I keep telling myself that's them growing and that sleeping alot helped the process?!?! heh.. hoping so anyways.. so ya telling myself i need them to grow and if i feel pain then that must be them growing so keeping fingers crossed and we shall see tomorrow morning!!! Another 4am morning for me except ill be taking the whole day off work so I'll have alot less stress :) . Really feeling off lately, not feeling myself and I feel so out of it all the time.. so taking the day off work tomorrow was ideal and I'll get to focus on the here and now and just one less thing to stress about. (the rushing everything to make sure I make it back in town in time for clients).

The Infertile Mrs.White