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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 9 Gonal-F 100) CD11

Wednesday, April 24th

I got out of bed at 4 fregan AM to get ready.. we had to leave the house by 5 the latest to get gas and coffee witch both are only a couple blocks away. The drive is just over 2 hours although when it's this early in the morning we can usually make it in a little under 2 hours with time to spare for a washroom break once we get to the hospital. The only good part about driving up to Edmonton this early is we get to enjoy the beautiful sunrise! That always makes us happy. Pictures below was our view as the sun rose.. mind you they were taken threw my dirty car windows so don't mind the blodges on the images haha. 

Two hours later we made it! And guess what!!!.... We were the first ones there haha!! Finally LOL. We got there around 7am and apparently the elevator that brings you into the clinic doesn't ''unlock'' until 7:15am. Luckily when we were standing there trying to understand why the elevator wasn't coming a nurse from the clinic happen to be getting to work and let us up with her and explained they lock the elevators before 7:15am. Weird.. but good to know. It felt nice to be the first ones there.. we got comfortable in the waiting room and played games on our phones.. I might have snuck in a few minutes of shut eye here and there while waiting from 7-7:45 when they finally let us sign in. Anyways.. We got called in to go get my blood work by the nurse then we were brought to the area to change into the white sheet (lol) and were then directed to wait in the ultrasound room.. we ended up waiting around at least 10-15 minutes in there because apparently the Doctor wasn't in yet... she was running late. Hubby and I took advantage and snapped a few funny pictures that I will not be posting haha.. Below is the famous ultrasound machine I've learnt to love and hate. (hate when my follicles aren't the size their supposed to be!!). 

My usual Doctor was not doing the u/s this morning so we saw Dr.T (woman) instead. Kinda hated being her first client of the day.. you can tell she had started off her morning on the wrong foot and came to work late, never a good start to a day.

Turns out my follicles DID grow.. Last u/s they were between 5-7.5mm and today they were between 8-9! Improvement, but apparently they should have grown a little faster and bigger. So.. Dr.T upped my GonalF dose from 75 to 100. She requested I come back 3 days later. (April 27th). They gave me my blood work sheet to bring to the next apt.  

Symptoms so far is mostly headaches. I suffer from chronic migraines and headaches so this came as no surprise but this is a different kind of headache. This kind feels like constant pressure on my head, like someone is squeezing my brain not super tight but enough to feel pressure and its constant all day.  I can def feel that my ovaries are doing something.. I can really feel them inside me as weird as that sounds. I can feel them growing/stretching. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

Once the apt was over, we headed over to the pharmacy and realized they weren't open for another half hour so we decided to walk over to the Second Cup and sat there and enjoyed our second coffee of the day. At this point we were really starting to feel tired. We then walked back to the pharmacy and picked up a new GonalF 300 pen. Tonight I will have to use 2 pens.. finish up the first one that has 75iu then use 25iu from the new pen. Doesn't feel good wasting a pen since they aren't cheap so we are really using them up as best we can. 

Afterwards we made a pit stop at Starbucks for some more coffee! For some reason today really got to us, we were drained and had barely gotten any sleep the night before we had just tossed and turned all night. Coffee helped for our trip back home. Once we got home, I had to get my stuff for work prepped and made a lunch for work then took a 30 minute power nap then rushed to work for 2pm (it's a half hour drive to work). I worked with 2 different clients and got home around 7:30pm. That was a LOOONG day! I was exhausted by the end of it. Especially that I did it on barely any sleep.   

Here's to hoping 100iu of Gonal-F will make a good enough difference!! :S

The Infertile Mrs White.