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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A swift and confident motion.

Today is day 9 of injections. Up to date it has been my husband who has injected me. They told us to inject between 6-8pm. We decided to stick with 6-6:30- 7 latest. Since today I had to work till 7pm and only get home around 730 pm I had to inject myself. This is coming from a girl who refuses to look in the nurses direction when they take my blood and turn my head at the sight of a needle head. I decided I had to suck it up and since I'm in this, all in this I took it on as a challenge. I know it's something so small and simple for some, but for me, this is huge! I absolutely hate borderline phobia of needles and here I am. I gotta admit tho, these ''pens'' are AWESOME! So simple and efficient to use. I took this on as a challenge because I wanted to be able to say that I did it myself at least once. I played the motion in my head for an hour leading up to 6pm haha. I was at my clients house so I had to sneak my little tool bag with me to the washroom.. get everything ready and disinfected and what the pharmacist told me the first time she showed us how the pen worked stuck in my head.. she said: ''.. with a swift and confident motion..." and went on demonstrating what to do on a hockey rubber puck held against her stomach lol.. She kept explaining that you have to be confidant going into it or else it will hurt more because you will end up going threw the skin slowly and just turns out messy. So there I was in my clients bathroom with this ''pen'' in my hand repeating over and over to myself ''swift and confidant Nadine.. you can do it!'' HAHA. A few times I brought it up to my stomach and froze.. then tried again a couple times then finally I said this is it! Before I know it, it was all over and I was soo proud!! haha.  

I always liked that the hubby injects me because this way we are doing ''this'' together. I might be the one feeling the pain and side effects but he's as much part of this as I am. And him having to give a girl who absolutely HATES needles an injection makes him feel very much implicated and important. A note to all lady's out there.. it is Sooo sooo important that you try and involve your partners in the whole process as much as possible so they don't just feel like sperm donors. I feel so lucky to have a partner who wants to be part of every inch of this process and who's been nothing but amazing. This would be a whole diff adventure if it wasn't for him <3


The now brave Infertile Mrs White ;)