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Monday, April 22, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 6 Gonal-F 75) CD8

Sunday April 21st

We arrived at the hospital blood lab around 8:45am. Lab apparently opens at 9am on Sunday's but for some reason there were already 3 lady's in front of us and 2 lady's walking out. Once blood work was done we walked to the fertility clinic. I don't recall what number we were since for some reason no one took numbers like they were supposed to but instead just signed up with the secretary. There was at least 8 women before me this time so we waited quite a while.

P.S. That's me in the picture, not at my best haha! I was really tired from getting up real early as well as waiting around in the waiting room for a really long time.... We were waiting around for the Dr to show up. :-)

My usual Dr. C. (men) was not in this morning so we saw Dr. M.
(woman). She was very nice and friendly. Made us comfortable off the start so that was nice. She talked us threw the u/s as she was measuring my follicles. Turns out some of my follicles (4) measured between 5.0 and 7.5 mm. That's a progress. It was so weird seeing the u/s because my ovaries are filled with cyst and to actually be able to pin point the growing follicles was pretty neat. They weren't close to being the required size for IUI witch is to be expected this early on I guess. Dr said to book another appointment in 3 days (Wednesday, April 24th) and see where they would be at then. Since the appointment is during the week, the blood lab is opened in the clinic so we were advised to be there for blood work for 7:15am!! That means i'm getting up insanely early (again)! Since it's first come first serve we would be there for 7:15 but they only start taking patients around 7:45am when the clinic actually opens. That means alot of waiting around.. good thing I have my hubby with me to keep me company. :-)

Dr advised me to keep taking the Gonal-F 75iu till my next appointment. She did not up the dose.

14th, CD1
15th, CD2
16th, CD3 D1 Gonal-F75 bw + Baseline u/s
17th, CD4 D2 Gonal-F75
18th, CD5 D3 Gonal-F75
19th, CD6 D4 Gonal-F75 Got a nice little bruise from the injection
20th, CD7 D5 Gonal-F75
21st, CD8 D6 Gonal-F75 bw + u/s. 4 follicles between 5-7.5mm. Pain is starting to happen. I can really feel my ovaries swelling. I can't sit down for too long before pain occurs. It feels like the weight of my body is pressing down on my ovaries when I sit up straight and it really hurts.

So far, I have one really big bruise.. glad that's it! (so far did 7 injections. One day I had to inject the left over from one 'pen', it tells you how much you have left to inject, so then I used the new pen and injected the rest of the amount.) These 'pens' are not cheap so it's really important to finish each pen up.

The Infertile Mrs.White