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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Baseline u/s and blood work

Tuesday, April 16th.

AF showed up late night on the 13th. So I count CD1 on the 14th.
Called Dr's office, booked baseline u/s for CD3 so for April 16th.

Woke up at 4am to be standing in the clinic for 7:20am. (It's a little over 2 hour drive for us).
Good thing we did because we were #6!! The picture below was the sunrise at around 5:30am on our way up to Edmonton.

Once you get there, you need to take a number and sit down. Then you have to wait till 7:45 when the secretary opens up her office, then one by one starting with #1 and so on line up to ''sign in'' and receive their stickers with their names. We need to hold on to those and hand them to the nurse when they call us up. Then you have to wait again till your name gets called up (6th). Note to self, bring a book next time, will help pass the time and calm the nerves.

Nurse then calls you in, brings you to a small room where you undress from the waste down and wrap yourself in what is literally a sheet. You wait there a while till a u/s room is available. (usually takes around 10-15 minutes). Nurse then directs you to the u/s room and you wait for Dr to come in. Then Dr asked a couple questions as he's prepping the u/s wand then you lay down and they insert it inside you. Dr was pretty good at locating my ovaries nice and quick (so awkward) He measures them, quickly explains that yes in deed, I have many small cyst in my ovaries and how he could quickly tell I had pcos / cah. Then that part was over and he prescribed the injections for me to take.

Haha, this is the hubby after our appointment was done. I couldn't resist taking this picture. I love walking down this hall!! It's like a baby hall of fame/ SUCCESS stories hihi :) Hope to post my little bundle of joy up there soon!!! (fingers crossed!!) Hubby was holding the empty carrying case the nurse gave us to keep the injections in and all that fun jazz that comes with injections. Now we are off to the pharmacy to BUY the $$ injections. So grateful we BOTH have good insurances so the injections ended up being a reasonable price for us, if it wasn't for our insurances though this would be a whole different experience! I'll add the cost in a later post.

The Ovidrel injection is what they call ''The Trigger Shot''. That's what's going to release my eggs. When doc gives me the 'GO', I inject it at a very specific time of day because the IUI would be performed precisely 36 hours later so it's all timed perfectly.

Gonal-F 75 iu to be injected in the abdomen area once daily between the hours of 6-8pm for 5 consecutive days. I was instructed to book with the nurse my fallow up apt for 5 days later. So that brings us to April 21st. (Sunday). I was instructed to go get my blood work done prior to the apt, I would have to go to the hospital lab since it's a Sunday and the clinic blood lab would be closed then rush to the clinic to try and get ahead in line.

The Infertile Mrs. White