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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 12 Gonal-F 100) CD14

Today is day 12 of injections.

I drove up to Edmonton on my own today, hubby is back to work now (from his 2 week vacation) and we're trying to keep his ''sick'' days for the IUI day and for more urgent moments. I ventured up with coffee in hand. The roads were good, I cranked up some good tunes to stay awake and cruised along. The two pictures below was the sunrise! Kinda crappy pics as I was driving and my windshield had streaks on it...

Since it was a Saturday morning, the blood lab in the clinic is closed on weekends so we have to go get our blood work done in the blood lab from the hospital (just a couple buildings away walking distance). The lab is supposed to only open around 9am but somehow when I got there at 8:48am there were already 4 lady's waiting in the waiting area and one lady who had just finished. Needless to say they were all heading to the clinic afterwards and before me.. I ended up being number 9 in line at the clinic. For some reason tho the wait today didn't seem so long. My usual Dr.C was the one doing the u/s this morning so I was looking forward to what he had to say since he hadn't seen me since my baseline u/s.

Today was my 3rd blood work and fallowup ultrasound! I was hoping for good news at this point!!

Turns out I have 1 follicle on the right side that measures 13 and 1 follicle on the left that measures 14ish and a couple smaller ones in each ovary. Dr said my lining is coming along at 8??. He wasn't so much saying the information out loud directed at me, he was talking to himself out loud as he was looking up on the screen. I have no idea what measurements your lining is supposed to be and I guess I hadn't realized till now that they even measured my lining. It all makes sense now but I don't understand what numbers are good and what would be bad. I know they want your lining to thicken up, I just am really curious now as to what would be considered a ''good'' or ''ideal'' lining. I'm usually so on top of everything and google when I'm not sure and so on but for some reason for this cycle and iui adventure I'm going in it kinda blindly. I'm the type of person who always over thinks things and over analyses every little details wondering what I could have done better, what I should and shouldn't do and I obsess over all the symptoms I should be feeling, that I am feeling then I most likely start to imagine symptoms. It's all so exhausting. I usually get my husband to look up statistics for everything. This time around I told myself I can't compare myself to anyone else since we all have different health issues, different hormone levels and taking different doses of injections and all our bodies respond differently to treatments and such. For my own peace of mind I decided to take it day by day and not allow myself to stress about all the small details. I did not google what the ''ideal'' size for your follicles to be and so on. My husband did google it for me though tonight since I came home a little disappointed from my appointment and it made him real curious to know if we were on track or not. Apparently the ideal follicle size is 18 then the Dr's usually feel confident releasing it since at that size they are stronger.. But then again who knows and I feel SO far from being a solid 18!!

Dr.C advised me to come back in for bw and u/s in 2 days (April 29th). He did not up my dose witch I was really hoping he would so we could get the ball rolling and those follicles growing faster.. altho too fast can cause troubles yet too slow sucks and makes me so worried they will cancel my cycle :( What the Dr told me still rings in my head :( He was like ''Well their not exactly leaping along now.." Something along those lines. I was like ohhh no!! As in then do something about it!! but he didn't, just said to come back in 2 days.. My Dr has a very cut and dry humour. He is a very good Dr and overall a nice guy.. but sometimes having a dry cut humour is not what a woman lying half naked and exposed on a table wants to hear. I felt so discouraged because that's more driving for us and really how much can my follicles grow in 2 days... def not an 18!! :( So I had a feeling we would be driving up alot more then I had originally planned.

430.4.. that's ONE trip there and back!!!

This was the weather on my way back to town. EXTREMLY WINDY! My eyes were glued on the road and both hands were death gripping the steering wheel no joke. The ride itself was pleasant because the sky was nice but the wind man oh man that was insane I could feel it wrap my car and push it.. I made it to work okay tho :) and on time with 15 minutes to spare and eat a quick lunch in my car before arriving at clients place.

I knew going into this that it wasn't going to be easy and a walk in the park but I thought things would go a bit smoother and quicker. Hubby googled late tonight that the average lenght for injections is around 14 days so around 2 weeks then the IUI is performed 36 hours later. So far I'm on day 12 of injections and no where near a 18!! Starting to get nervous now. Bahhh!!

My body is starting to feel the effects of the injections.. Below is a picture of my abdomen on the left side. This bruise was about 8-9 days old when I took the pic.. imagine what it looked like before!

Then I got 2 smaller bruises on the right side of my abdomen. These are about 5-6 days old here. They look alot better then they did.

My right arm where they keep taking my blood work from has seen better days too.. it's nice and bruised yet they keep poking at the same spot everytime.

The infertile Mrs White.