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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fallowup appointment to get our GAME PLAN!!!

Monday, April 8th.

I had my fallow up apt with the Fertility Dr. April 8th to get our game plan.

 About 20 minutes from the Hospital...

 At the clinic.. Waiting to be called. Our appointment was for 11am so we both had to cancel our full day of work since it's a 4 hour drive there and back plus the time we spend at the clinic.

This is us.. happy to finally be at this point!!! Really looking forward to hearing what our GAME PLAN will be going forward. Nervous and excited all at once. :-)

Dr. C. gave us all our blood work results along with our urine sample results and hubby's 2nd sperm test. He went over every single result and explained to us what they meant. Turns out I do not have protein C deficiency and Dr doesn't understand how my family Dr came to that conclusion, either way I was relieved to hear this. What I do have though.. is extremly high cholesterol :( I automatically panicked inside when I heard this. In the Dr's words ''Your not going to die in the next 20 minutes but ya, you should talk to your family Dr and see a nutritionist to help'' AHH!! Really really not what I expected to hear. My brain went all fuzzy and I don't remember much of what was said afterwards.. I was so focused on his saying I was going to die soon if I didn't get cholesterol under control. To be honest, off the bat I wasn't even sure in details what that meant.. usually you always associate bad cholesterol with consuming too much salt products but apparently it also has alot to do with high percentage of fat foods. To be honest I had no idea I was eating food that was that horrible. Past couple months I've been making more easy to make meals since I work such weird hours at work and I always try and bring lunches with me. I thought I was doing good since I was making all my meals and not eating out as much. I always had a salad and fruits and veggies in my lunches so it kinda came as a shock to me... till the fallowing week when I started REALLY paying attention to all the labels before buying something and before cooking items I had in my cubboards. I love pad thai where all you have to do is cook noodles, add sauce and pre-cooked chicken.. wowser I had never noticed how much sodium there was in that! Also I really like Cambells Soups, the butternut squash, I always thought I was buying the best of the soups out there with less sodium, turns out there's still too much sodium. Absolutely everything seems to have a really high percentage of sodium and somehow I never paid attention to this  before till now. To keep going.. Dr noticed there were some blood work that he never got the results from. I assured him I had given the nurse all my requisitions. So he filled me out a new requisition and advised me to go to the lab right away after our apt and get the blood work done so he could have the results as soon as possible, and so we did just that.

Anyways.. the Dr. kept going on about our results when he was done he told us we had 4 options. 1. Try clomid again with a higher dose and monitor to see if 1. I ovulate. 2. IUI on our own 3. IUI with injections. 4.IVF. Dr. quickly ruled out option 1 since we have already done 5 cycles of clomid and he figured why waste our time. He asked if I knew if I had ovulated on clomid, I advised that I checked with the opk's and it did indicate that I ovulated but never got a BFP. The fact that I possibly ovulated on clomid seemed to have reassured him. He ruled out option 2 since I do not ovulate on my own why would we waste our time. We ruled out option 4 since we don't have the funds right now and we don't feel like we tried everything yet. So that left us with option 3. Dr jumped on the IUI with injections wagon right away.

The Game Plan!!!
- Wait till AF shows up, since I was already on day 8 of my progesterone pills, we knew AF was around the corner. (usually between 12th and 14th).
- Call Dr office the minute AF shows up to book my baseline u/s between CD2 - CD3.
- Need to show up between 7:45 and 9am. It is on first come first serve basis so it was suggested we show up really early as there would be many woman in line already by 7:45.

Things are looking up!!! :D

The Infertile Mrs. White