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Monday, April 29, 2013

Followup u/s & bw (Day 14 Gonal-F 100) CD16 ..IN PICTURES ;) ..

A story or event is always better in pictures! 
(I find) So here goes my day! :-)

Our morning started off bright and early! I woke up and showered at 4am.. by 4:45am we were at the gas station topping off my tank and then headed to Tim Hortons for a fresh hot cup of coffee and a flat bread egg white breakfast sandwich! hihi.

This was the weather outside.. Dark, really foggy and chili.

This was the view as we were getting on the highway..

The sun was starting to rise and gave the foggy sky a neat color.

This is me! Tired of sitting in the car for 2 hours to get to the clinic where we have to wait another hour and a half.. But still very much happy to be in this process all together ;)

Sun is still rising.. although it almost looks like a sunset!

This picture was taking about 15 minutes into Edmonton. A nice mix or rain and slush!

Rain Slush combo quickly turned into Snow Slush combo.

Kinda cool effect eh.. the snow coming at us.. It started to really come down at this point.
Seriously though.. snow at the end of April, that's just crazy!

Check out the size of the snow flakes!

And there we are!!! Our 4th fallowup u/s and bw day! At this point we were REALLY hoping for good news, wishing that my follicles finally grew to size and to hear the magic word: ''Trigger Time Tonight!'' ....
 Buuuut.. that was not the case today! :-( We went and got the bw like usual then we were sent into this room to wait for the Dr so we snuck in a picture ;). My doctor today was Dr.M, an older woman who walked in the room and greeted us with a great big smile and spoke to us in a comforting voice. She was really motivating, encouraging and smiled alot but not in an annoying way.. more like she loves her job and was happy to be there so it instantly made us feel positive and less nervous. She did really good at reassuring me.

The verdict.....
Dr says my lining looks great, exactly where we want it to be. It was so comforting to hear that because the 3 other times we went in for the u/s no one mentioned anything about my lining. Dr.C only quickly mentioned the size of it to me last time but it was more of him talking to himself as he was looking at the screen and wasn't exactly talking to me.. his patient like he should have.. Anyways.. back to the verdict.. turns out my follicles had grew very little since our last visite (2 days ago). Dr said to keep taking GonalF100 for 2 more days.. so that means tonight and tomorrow night (Monday-Tuesday) and then to do the Trigger Shot on Wednesday May 1st between 10-midnight. I was glad to hear that we didn't have to go back in for another u/s before trigger shot. Although this means I really have no idea if they did grow in 2 days.. especially since they had barely grew in the past 2 days. So now we really hope and pray that they work magic and grow grow grow before Wednesday!!

My husband asked the Dr if the nausea I experienced  yesterday evening was a normal side effect from the injections. Dr actually said it was a good sign, that it meant my hormones were kicking in and doing their job.. (i forget what she said so that's in my words..) Dr also asked me if I had sore breast yet, I said no. She said once I use the Ovidrel injection I most likely will and that that would be normal as well. I was really impressed with my Dr, she was so nice and really tried to interact with us and make us feel comfortable, asking questions and encouraging us to ask them as well.

Above is a random picture of where I get to see my lucky follicles progess ;) hihi.

And this is a special picture bahaha! I'm crazy like that :P I had bled from the blood work and this was me checking under the gauze to make sure the bleeding had stooped and I had a nice.. what seems like permanent hole in my arm from them always drawing the blood from the same spot! Hubby happened to take a picture as I was turning to look at him saying ''Ewww'' Hahahaha!

Right after the appointment we headed to the pharmacy in Edmonton to pick up another 300 'pen' since I had another 2 days of injections to take at 100iu. Kinda sucks because I hadn't mentally prepared for more days of injecting myself.. I was really hoping I would get to trigger tonight. Ah well... The picture below was us sitting in the parking lot near the pharmacy debating what to do next.. Yup, it was still snowing.. We ended up doing a bit of shopping in Home Sense, had a coffee at Starbucks and then decided to drive home.. 

This was the weather leaving Edmonton direction for home..

Looks pretty crazy eh!

Hubby and I love rain storms.. (snow storms not so much).. but it barely rained on the way home.. just threatening clouds.. :) They were so low it gave the horizon such a cool effect. It made it for a relaxing drive home.. despite the REALLY strong winds! Hubby was driving so I got to relax and enjoy the ride.. hihi.

I felt very tired all day, very out of it, like in a daze. My ovaries burn threw out the day on and off but mostly around 8:30pm till I fell asleep. (probably side effect of taking the injection at 6:45pm??) Really strong burning sensation and no way to re-leave the pain.. just had to fight threw it.. (keep telling myself this part is almost over!! Altho apparently the Ovidrel shot is not pleasant at all.. so very nervous about that as well...

The Infertile Mrs.White.