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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TTC community

I'm sooo happy now that I started up this blog over a year ago...
I was really struggling with my infertility journey as I felt like I was going threw it alone in silence. I never felt understood when I did try and talk about it and I felt alone. Friends and family tried to support me as best as they knew how.. but unless someone is walking in my shoes, I didn't feel understood and I didn't feel like I was getting the right kind of support. I got really tired of hearing "Just relax and it will happen" "Just adopt" "Take a bank load" "Don't stress" "A friend of a friend of mine did this.. and now she's pregnant" "I know how you feel I've been ttc for 4 months" "Try a surrogate" "It's only been 3 years keep trying" "it will happen when you stop trying" and the list goes on. The TTC world has really opened up my eyes and heart. Going threw my journey with other TTCsisters has really changed my views on infertility, on the path I was on, on the possibilities, on real facts, proper information, sharing stories good and bad and that no matter how bad my day is going, no matter how much pain I'm in due to injections and hormone overload, I know that there's someone out there who can relate, we can all relate to one and other and laugh and cry with each other threw our journeys. We all have our own journey and that's what makes this community so special, we share openly, we don't judge, we support each other threw the good and especially threw the bad and we make dark days a little brighter. Every comment, every e-mail, every new blog I find makes my heart a little fuller and my journey a little easier to go threw.

I couldn't go threw this if it wasn't for my amazing husband who's patience I have tested, who's shoulder I have cried on, who's arms I've cuddled up in when I was stressed, worried, in pain, felt alone.. He's been my rock, my #1 support.

I think he's secretly happy I also found the ttc world haha, this allowed me to grow and be less insecure and scared of what's next in the infertility world and this helped him be able to support me better. It's also really nice to not have to go to him every time I feel blue.. I tend to just curl up on the couch with my laptop.. read a couple blogs, check up on the blogs I follow and I feel more relaxed already. It's really nice to not always be putting all my worries and stress on his shoulders, he already has enough to worry about without me always reminding him that I'm hurting deep inside over and over. My blog is my escape and the one area I can be honest about everything and just let it all out. It's even more rewarding when people comment on my posts because then my worries and struggles actually feel heard and everyone's kind words I take to heart.

So thanks to all of you for going threw my journey with me and I'm glad to be along for the ride and support others in theirs as well. I'm always here if anyone needs to talk, have any questions or just needs someone to listen to them.

The Infertile Mrs.White