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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CD9 Menopur 150iu D7

Injection Day 7

Today's injection was the best one so far... hubby did a great job.. I don't know if it's because he tried out a new area on my stomach (lower then usual).. the injection went right in, did not hit anything although once the injection liquid started being injected it still stung/burned really bad like all the other times. The injection spot bled after but I did not have my usual pain (burning for a good 20 minutes after the injection). This time I got the usual burn sensation for about 2 minutes then I was good to go. 

Tomorrow I work till an hour and a half past my injection time, hopefully I can get someone to inject me because I'm still too scared to inject myself (needle phobia problem). Gonal-F I had no problem injecting myself but it looked like a "pen" and not an actual needle also the "pen" had a mechanism inside that let the liquid come out at an even pace where as the Menopur the flow all depends on the person injecting it.. bah we shall see what happens tomorrow. 

The Infertile Mrs.White