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Monday, August 18, 2014

CD18- 1DP-IUI + D1 Prometrium 200mg 2X/day

Today I slept in, relaxed all day then my hubby, my brother and I went to the pet store to get both dogs more food then we walked around Home Sense a bit and went home. I was so achy even just walking hurts so I would walk funny and slow to compensate. When we got home, I worked on some of my crafts (still working on my nieces princess book). At night we played board games "Settlers of Catan" and "Carcassonne".

ALL day I've been trying to imagine what's going on in my body right now, did it work!?? Did sperm penetrate my eggs?!!! Also wondering if I'm going to feel the implantation.. some women do. Am I going to see spotting from the implantation, will I worry thinking it's AF.. Ahh I just can't wait for this 2WW to get further along!

I still have all these weird symptoms and my body really isn't feeling itself lately.. so I decided to list a few of my symptoms I'm feeling lately.

Trigger Shot Symptoms + 200mg of Prometrium this morning.
- Extremely sore breast
- Sore nipples (Morning after trigger I woke up and my nipples were ROCK HARD and hurt so bad!) ever since the trigger they always seem "cold" and sooo sensitive!
- Emotional (up and down all day but I try to just keep to myself)
- Easily irritable
- Bloated feeling all day long ever since the trigger. Like really bloated.. feels like I have a bunch of air stuck in my lower abdomen area and pushing.
- My uterus hurts, feels like alot of pressure pushing against it and there's no way to relieve it.
- Gassy, more then usual yet I still feel super bloated despite being gassy.
- Craving junk food (prob cause I'm extra emotional and have been taking it easy relaxing on the couch watching movies and netflix series.. also that I've derailed off my clean eating diet and now seem to crave everything bad for me like chicken strips and fries and anything Starbucks related!)


The whole area below my belly button hurts... the best way to describe the kind of pain is like when you hold in your urine for too long and you get this really achy pressure feeling except I have that feeling all day long and no matter what I do it does not go away. I feel so bloated. I find myself every half hour complaining out loud and bitching about how uncomfortable I'm feeling. I'm really hoping it's not OHSS and I'd have no way of knowing because my Dr never talked to me about the possibilities of OHSS and what the symptoms to watch out for are and so on. I googled it on my own but since my Dr's clinic is so far away it's not like I can just drop in for a quick check up. I'd have to book in and all that jazz and it's all so complicated for nothing, especially if it turns out to be nothing so I went out and bought some G2 Gatorade, some POM Juice and some pineapples slices. I know the core is what's best for implantation but they didn't have any whole pineapples that looked good and then only sold the others in slices. All this to say I'm making sure to stay very hydrated and keeping up with my electrolytes. If I don't feel any better soon though I will start worrying because I never had this kind of pain from an IUI cycle before.

I POAS again today to test out my Trigger Shot and I also just enjoy seeing a BFP even if I know it's a false one. Here is my tracking sheet so far.. nothing special but does the trick to track ;-)

The Crafty Cranky Infertile Mrs.White